What hallucinations do you have?

I’ve never had one, what kind of hallucinations do you have?

Auditory and tactile.
In simpler words, sound and touch.

The sound hallucination is usually voices or random loud noises, like a dog bark or someone calling my name.

The touch hallucinations are things like my shoulder feeling like it’s on fire, my calf feeling like someone is stabbing it, or my legs feeling like water is running down them.

My hallucination is that donald trump the cia the goveenment and militray, law enforcement, world leaders people of higher power is after me they want to torture and kill me. Everybody around me is in on the scheme even my husband. And they torture me daily. They talk to me through every means necessary.

Are you taking meds?

Yes. Plus im terrified of chemicals and i believe the government tested chemicals on me. And we are about to be in a nuclear war. They posioned me.

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I have several but not often since I do take my meds. I have taste, sound, touch, and visual.

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Mostly visual. Also. Touch, taste, and on the rare occasion sound too.

My visual hallucinations are mostly cats, neon random things that change shape, seeing faces in carpets and walls and shadow figures. I also have internal hallucinations (when I close my eyes)

For touch I’ve felt cobwebs all over my hands and face. I’ve felt blood on my hands when there was none there. Feeling drops of liquid on me but nothing’s there. Also bugs crawl and bite me. The worst is probably when everything starts to shake and I think it’s an earthquake but nothing happened.

I taste blood in my mouth. Sometimes something bitter like poison. I also smell blood. You would know the smell if you’ve been around someone who cuts open an artery or something. That metallic smell when someone’s bled too much.

I hear my name being called, beeps, I’ve had stuffed animals talk to me. I hear random noise or a phrase on loop in my head. The voices also tell me ‘wake up’ over and over when I’m trying to sleep. But that’s an internal voice and my other ones are external.


I hear voices. They tell me to kill myself.

I only hear voices, I don’t have any other hallucinations. people calling my name, or voices talking as if they were other peoples thoughts. sometimes the voices present themselves as people speaking to me telepathically or sometimes they just speak to me directly. They’re pretty mean, and will spew insults or narrate my actions while calling me names or sometimes they just say words or sentences on loop. I can talk to them in my head but it doesn’t really go anywhere, as I said they’re generally pretty mean or nonsensical.

I can manage just fine without antipsychotics, the voices don’t bother me too much as I know they’re not real and they only show up for short periods of time depending on how depressed or anxious i’m feeling. It’s the negative symptoms that I hate.


I see demons, only one at a time and only where it is dark. They seem to feed off the darkness.

I hear people in the house. I know that if they get me, they will hurt me. I can never tell if they are really there or not, so I always have a phone with me in case I need to call 911. I only hear them when I am alone or if my husband is asleep and I am up without him.

Being alone is my biggest trigger.

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@valiumprincess Do your meds help you at all? That sounds like so much to deal with. I really feel for you. :disappointed_relieved:

Olfactory, tactile, visual, and auditory. But very rarely now that I’m on a high enough dose of haldol.

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At the moment my meds are not helping me. I only just reached a therapeutic dose and I might have to stop them because an allergic reaction. So I might have to be unmedicated for a bit before we find something else to try.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Well it’s bad, you know. But that’s just all the things I have experienced. I only really visually hallucinate everyday. I rarely get auditory hallucinations.

Also I’m pretty good at talking myself out of delusional thinking. I have a lot of insight too, so for the most part I can tell my hallucinations are hallucinations. Sometimes I worry about it being supernatural though.

I actually don’t mind my hallucinations (at least the visual ones) I have a much harder time with anxiety, depression, negative symptoms in general.

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I mainly have auditory and visuals. I sometimes experience tactiles olfactory and gustatory hallucinations too.

Auditory is mainly voices and radio static though occasionally I’ll hear dogs barking or somebody knocking on my doors.

Visual is a bunch of weird creatures but they’re pretty chill

Olfactory is mainly food or trauma based things

Gustatory is blood medicine or trauma based.

Tactile is things grabbing me or bugs crawling on me.

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I love sailor moon so much it’s one of my favourite animes ever!

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I have mainly visual hallucinations. Mostly its a lot of my cat everywhere. But I’ve seen my husband where he is not, dogs, other cats, horses, cars, and other people. Now that I am taking meds, this is very rare.

I also have auditory hallucinations. They were rare even without the meds. Now I hardly have them. Mostly, I hear someone in the room say something which they say they did not. It happened too many times for it to not be me. I also hear a lot of voices talking like I’m at a party, but there is no one there. And I can’t understand any single voice.

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I worry that mine are supernatural, too/ demonic in nature. It’s scary!

I hope that you are able to find meds that work for you and that you feel better soon.


I hear voices and have visual hallucinations. I see other people. Not demons or shapes or anything like that so it’s hard to tell when I am hallucinating.

I figured it out when a little girl came and talked to me. She entered the room through a wall and a chair and that’s how I figured out I was hallucinating. I had some pretty crazy hallucinations before that but I thought they were real at first. It was kinda scary. All centered around suicide.

Thankfully on my meds I don’t really hallucinate that much. Just an occasional voice and I saw some people in my living room about a month ago. I was talking to them and my wife asked me who i was talking to. There was nobody there. I went and immediately popped a Geodon and went to bed. Must have forgotten to take my meds that day.

Lesson learned. Take your meds.


I just hear voices. Sometimes two, sometimes a bunch arguing back and forth. They usually are people who are close to me or that use some type of equipment to both spy on me and be able to transmit their voices to me. I’ve had odd celebrities and supernatural voices at times, but that was a rare thing. At one point I heard all sorts of people from around the world praying to me, which was particularly hard to deal with.

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