What guides your actions? (If anything)

Like do you follow your head or heart or intuition or something?

Or do you just behave because of the law?

Or maybe you let your partner make all your decisions?

Etc etc etc

What guides you?


I try to follow my head. My heart might want new clothes, new shoes, more socks, cookies, etc. But my brain knows that I don’t need those things.

Following my brain is the best way to live my life. Unless I am manic or mixed. I shouldn’t be making any decisions when manic/mixed. Hubby is pretty good at helping me see the “right way” when I’m like that. But I can’t be trusted to think rationally on my own.

No matter my mind state, Hubby always gives me his opinion. He’s very logical. So, I try to listen to him. He wants what’s best for me, so I trust him when he tries to guide me towards a certain decision.


If only my head weren’t the problem lol

Bad bad choices I make apparently!


Yeah I try to follow my head unless I’m feeling impulsive/manic


I believe firmly in the right to pursuit of happiness.

I do my best not to judge others and let people just be themselves.

That being said even when I’m acting strange or joking with my neighbors I still follow the law.

I like to think I follow what my brain tells me, and my gut instinct on some days.

I just sit in my apartment some nights thinking “Wow, I can do anything!”

Not literally, but I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Like I’m fairly sure I’m not gonna go to hell if I have an iced coffee at midnight LOL.



I try to let jesus guide my actions first, whatever benefits my family second, and then bowing down to whoever my employer should happen to be if Im working.


Hell of a strange, philosophical question @everhopeful :laughing:

I don’t know what guides me, intuition, trying to get through with as little pain as possible, impulsions, and very rarely I think strategically about what direction I want to go and follow. I think. But maybe i’m wrong.

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I try to live by AA principles whenever I can.


Nothing in particular. Just try and do the right thing. Can’t always get it right.


I usually have some kind of hyper focus with an interest. Things like a certain type of politics, religion or way of life. They fascinate me and fill me with purpose but eventually sooner or later i get over the new thing and become nihilistic and depressed again. Its a cycle i lucidly go through all the time. Ive tried to just be content with being kind and trying to acheive happiness where i can but its not enough for me it seems.

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My heart and intuition! Though is not always the best, it gives me peace that I did what I felt the best actions possible from love.


Life leads me. I follow.
I don’t take initiatives

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I am trying to stay on the safe side and not the wild side. My actions don’t include THC, alcohol or tabbacco anymore. I want to keep this attitude up. Somehow i am vulnerable and gullible, i think it has to do with sz. Maybe i should put my foot down. Travelling is a big no these days. I got a home and stick with it.


I think i analyze all possible situations then say Eff it and roll the dice :game_die: :sweat_smile:

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My soul is free but the voice inside my head guides me my conscience is my decision and my sword my guide for I Am A Soldier of Love

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