Why me :( - indecision

I can’t stick to decisions and I’m on medication but although I’m not manic I still get certain symptoms and it annoys the he’ll out of me

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What type of decisions these are? I try to keep my life simple enough so that decisions are also small enough so that I can stick to these simple decisions.

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I know the feeling, might just be a lack of motivation ?

Your meds just started working a few days ago. Give your body time to adjust to it. It will hopefully take care of your breakthrough symptoms.

Oh I hear ya on this one, too many choices are a ruin to a day for me. I can’t do the decision making, that’s my wife’s duty and she’s darn good at it. It comforts her, while blustering me severely. I freeze up, can’t do it, I’ll just not participate.

I’m the same as @mjseu , simple life, simple decisions.