I follow my inner voice

idk if this is wrong but i do…i follow my inner voice

is that normal?

I forget who it was, but some character in literature followed his inner voice. He called it “his oracle”. I think it might have been Socrates.

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It’s weird I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about this inner voice as if it’s not them.

This baffles me.

I think it’s ■■■■■■■■ though. Why does the human brain have to say something every chance it gets?

Also baffles me.

It’d be nice to be free from words for a bit, just to know what that is like. Nearly impossible thing to do.

What if you hear two or three voices?
Is it always one voice?
I’m always in conflict because I hear two or three voices, and don’t know which is the “inner voice”.
How to tell which is it?

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I feel my voice in there. As I’m constantly making say things.

At times there are some others.

does your inner voice tell you good things because if so then thats the right voice to listen to


yes it is good for me but i do get the odd intrusive thoughts pop in here and there but my inner voice is too strong for that and fights it off :slight_smile: blocks that ■■■■ up lol

i’d say the most rational voice, the one that makes the most sense is the one to listen too, the one that says good things and to do good and spread happiness, these are the things that we need to hear and to share with others,

i say the intrusive thoughts are (the other voices) the intrusive thoughts to me are the ones that are bad and fill our heads with rubbish, that why we need medication to help us to calm down enough (bc our senses are hightened) so that we can fight all these bad intrusive thoughts.

but your pdoc is probably the best person to talk to regarding this.

thats really good, i say keep following your inner voice unless it starts getting mean

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