What goes on in my brain a lot

Other people see random, disorganized thinking. But I’m pretty sure that I am just making connections that other people do not seem to recognize. That means that I get things that others just do not get, but I also make off-the-wall connections that are most likely not true.

So I think this to be the root of schizophrenia: Convergence. At least, I am fairly certain that it is often going on in my own brain—labelled schizophrenic.

So just get rid of the tendency to converge and your cured, right?

I believe the answer to be: No.

Rather, just be aware of the convergence, and ask yourself of what type it is: True or false? Are these things being flagged by your brain as being similar due to an unseen similarity or do they really have nothing to do with one another? Or rather, is their difference of such a profound nature that the similarity is not relevant?

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Can u give an example? Bizarre thinking doesnt mean schizophrenia. Psychosis usually does tho, that is where one crosses the threshold.

Prove that there is (edit) any non-convergent psychosis.

Thats why i asked for example, what do u mean? I think i have had it one episode, but the meds took it away as it was part of a psychotic delusion.

Dream world with the real world convergence.
A few lucky guesses converge to “I’m psychic”.
You’re talking about this, and it reminds me of that, so I’m talking about that.

Sounds like schizophrenia, i dont think the average person would get what ur talking about

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