What everyone gets wrong about anxiety

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Wow so medication were taking is targeting the wrong part of the brain maybe thats i still why feel anxious

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I have only ever found anti-anxiety meds as helpful as a placebo.

Pregabalin seems to do something, but it’s hard to tell the real value of this med.

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Im trying find remedies i suffer from extreme anxiety, i feel the government is after me im always tense.

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My anxieties are no longer linked to paranoia about something specific.

It’s just a continuous cycle of anxiety being provoked by a really bad way of dealing with things mentally.

You would have thought 24 sessions of therapy would have solved this, but was a waste of time

I got dx’d with GAD in my last pdoc review


What is gad. 1515

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Basically I see it as a ticket to take as many Benzos as I like

I joke however. I have tried hard to come down on benzos this year, but it’s slowly unravelling again, and with the Christmas break, mental health problems are also supposed to take a holiday!

Okay i see be careful okay.

I wasn’t diagnosed with any anxiety disorder, but I used to take Klonopin. My pdoc prescribed it. My anxiety went away after switching to Abilify, and I came off the Klonopin. I was only taking 0.5 mg of it.

It’s all inter-connected is my view.

He diagnosed me as I was challenging him as to why I was taking all these anxiety meds, when I only had Sz and ASD.

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Anyone with psychosis without anxieties accompanying it is probably a very low occurrence.

Don’t know how well researched the links are.

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What is ASD? 25

Autism Spectrum Disorder

My diagnosis came to late to help me as a child.

School was an absolute car crash, and nobody ever tried to see why, they just shifted me around the state schools until I was old enough to not be their problem any more

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My cousin in Florida had some sort of learning disorder, but I don’t remember which one. He got shuffled around the schools too.

My nephew and niece both have Attention Deficit Disorder.

This was mid-90’s and early 00’s. Not so much awareness even that short time ago.

The complete lack of investigation into my behavioural problems made life hell for all those years.

Only a handful of teachers I remember knew there was something wrong with me.

Even now there is a lot of work to do.

The autism test waiting list here has shifted to 3 years, and there is still no support from healthcare for it at all.

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I think my mom’s friend from the military grandson is Austistic. I don’t know anything about it though.

I was just a B, C, and D student in school. My grade point average was 2.78. A 2.5 was the minimum to get into college. I went a year then dropped out. My sister was the honors student with straight A’s.

I dropped out at 16.

Didn’t decide to go back to college until 7 years had passed and I could do it as an adult learner


Well I’m glad you tried. You’ll never know until you try.