I read about it,i might have generalized anxiety disorder

i just read that i might have generalized anxiety disorder,because i have excessive worry and irrational worry about money,looks and how other people sees me and i also had panic attacks to be truth…these excessive worry,irrational worry had been like for 3 years or more,i wonder if a benzodiazepine long term prescription will help?

Like i went to a trip 2 days ago with a group of friends,my friends is really dissapointed with me because i never communicate with people and i was just too anxious to do so,because i am so worry about everything and i feel i might even had panic disorder even though i cant really describe it

agrophobia also seems like i had it too,but i conclude its anxiety

My hubby takes ciprelax for GAD. Helps him a lot.

I have GAD. Also this fear just overwhelms me around people, but I deal with people anyways as scared as I am. I’m taking 0.5mg Xanax at night which helps with sleep, but I’m not willing to take any more.

I have various anxiety disorders, including GAD and panic disorder and OCD I take Klonopin everyday as maintenance - doing ok

I have GAD, and I take .5 mg of Klonopin in the morning and at night. I am not sure how much it helps, as I still feel quite anxious.

I can’t believe we have this to deal with on top of what we already have. Long term benzo use made it a lot worse for me and pretty much ruined what was left of me. Didn’t abuse it, just took it as prescribed or less.

I have some sort of anxiety. I think my doctors say its GAD. I take 1mg xanax 2-3 times a day, a medium dose. I sometimes wake up anxious as hell with my heart rate elevated and immediately pop my morning xanax. When I workout, I only take it twice a day, I skip the afternoon dose and just take one at like 7pm. Anxiety sucks, I have a friend who has panic attacks in classrooms and sometimes just randomly who also takes xanax.

You need to talk to a doctor about this. Anxiety can be crippling. I woke up today worrying about the people at the gym. That’s not right. Popped a xanax and now I am not worrying about trivial things that dont matter to me.

The xanax works pretty well for me. I do sometimes get sedated from it and need an extra coffee, but most of the time I obviously require it to be normal, my friends have even asked me if it’s time for my xanax before when I was acting rather obnoxious and restless.

It sounds like you might have GAD - its very treatable with different approaches. I highly recommend you get treatment as soon as possible (both therapy and medications are usually best):

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