What drug do you take?

I’ve been on Clopixol depot for about 2 years. It helped a lot with the positive symptoms but it was very sedating. I’m on 25mg Abilify atm.

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Cariprazine yay :slight_smile: and lyme meds


i take clozapine 200mg and risperdal consta shot 50mg 2 weekly. i also take sertraline 50mg

I take 12 mg Invega, 25 mg clozapine to sleep and 150 mg Wellbutrin as an ad.

Invega has ■■■■■■ me up cognitively. I’m trying a low dose of Abilify to hopefully reverse some of this.

I take 15mg Abilify, and am doing well on it, now that the dosage is what I need.

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I don’t have that problem but my negative symptoms were better on Abilify. I want to try Vraylar, its similar to Abilify, partial dopamine agonist.

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I’m on an oldie called perphenazine @16mg two times a day. I’ve been on nearly everything except the new drugs.

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2.5mg for the last week down from 3mg risperidone. If all good drop to 2mg risperidone in six months.

You might try Geodon. Geodon and Seroquel are the only ap’s I’ve taken that don’t turn me into a zombie.

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