What dosage of amisulpride do you take?

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Which dosage of amisulpride do you take? I take between 100mg to 800mg with changing dosages of PRN and main dosage change because my brain keeps turning against the current dosage I keep taking with intense flatness and lack of motivation. A few days on a lower dosage to fight of negative symptoms can help a lot.

I have schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder.

I was on 800mg for three years

It stopped working fully and they upped it to 1,200mg

Then I had an ECG, and my heart was messed up on QTC prolongation

I had high prolactin as well

Myself I was pleased with the drug, it just wasn’t for me in the end

No hard feelings

I’m on 400mg, works excellent for positives and negatives. I noticed 200 mg was my lowest coping dose but lately 400mg is my minimum. On 300mg lately I have noticed this avolition and misery coming back which went more away when I took 400 again. The most I was on was 600mg.

It gives me high prolactin as well but I’m fine with it considering no other ap has helped me so well except risperidone which made my prolactin even higher. I now take the amisulpride with haloperidol as well.

If your treatment resistant It seems you’re better off running an assessment on the symptoms and take accordingly.

I think I’ve nailed it. 50mg every 6 hours with my Amitriptyline. The Amitriptyline will fight any headaches and issues previous caused by not having that in the mix.

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