What Does 'Metaphorically' Mean Anyways?

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On The Subject of Fascinating Words, For Example The Word, Metaphorical.

What Does That Word EVEN MEAN (???)…,

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Metaphorical~ ‘Characteristic of Relating to Metaphor, Figurative’. (Definition).

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Metaphor~ ‘A Figure of Speech in Which a Word or Phrase is Applied to an Object or Action to Which it is Not Literally Applicable’. (Definition).


I Am So SoOoOo0 Lost (!!!)…,

Has Anyone Here in Thus Great Electrical Land of Forum Ships Ever Used a Metaphor in a Sentence Before (???)…,

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I Look Forward to Your Participation in Thus Thread Where We Can Dissolve The Nature of Negativity Caused by Our Delusional Thoughts…,

Possibly Caused by Metaphors…,

Although I Am Not Entirely Sure What That Word Even Means…,

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Sounds like you struggle with abstract thinking. That is a common cognitive symptom in SZ.

Most metaphors are phrases:

Metaphor: “Im looking back at my past”

No, that’s not true, because you are not literally looking back (with your eyes)

Yes, it’s true, because im thinking about my past like if I was looking with my eyes.,

Metaphor= vague, poetical way of talking about life, time, love etc.


What if We All Bound Ourselves Together Metaphorically And Wrote a Song About Metaphors to Fight The Metaphors That Fight Our Peaceful Lives in a Metaphorical Sense (???)… . … :blue_heart:


Thus Fascinates & Interests My Function of Self Analyzing Self Function… . … :orange_heart:

Okay (!!!).

I’ll Start (!!!)…,

Dearest Self Inside The Mirror. Let Me Look Deeper Inside to See a Little Bit Clearer.

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What are we doing? Writing a story with metaphors?

I’m confused. I’m an indoor cat looking for an outdoor litter box.


You might be confused, im too, but you just said a nice metaphor.

Im a turtle without my shield. Not a cat.

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Metaphors and similes are kinda alike…

Metaphors are… something is something

Similes are… something like something

I hope this is clear as mud lol


:cat: Nope


That is Queen Ninja Cat.

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Does Anyone Have Any Questions For Ms. Splice & Dice (???).

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