What do your voices say to you?

I hear command voices instructing me to kill others and myself.

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Yes, evil Louisa tells me to kill or to be killed. But I have good voices also

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My voices tell me to kill myself. They also call me stupid and other names.

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Duane have a beer it’ll be alright rox. Eugene had to go deliver stuff for madchen.
Why are they so mean to you?

I’m a loon . I thought you were getting trazodone.

Not today.besides it’s freezing outside.

How many have you had today Duane? Beer

Oh about four. Do you think it’s too cold to venture out? Nope look at me rox.


Vas a ser antipatica. You’re going to be mean. My voices speak Spanish

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I had intrusive thoughts, not voices, but they said i am evil, i go to hell, i should kill myself, im unworthy of even eating, drinking, breathing, moving so i should stop doing that. By exception there was a loud positive thought. They seemed to come from outside of me, but i didnt actually hear them, if that makes sense.


Everything I do and say is wrong

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I don’t hear voices often. Usually it is the voice of a lady. She seems to have an conversation sometimes mentioning me. I haven’t heard it in some time. Never talks to me directly, doesn’t tell me to kill others nor myself thankfully.


I don’t have voices anymore but when I did it waspsychological torture to me I thought.

They would say I was just a experiment .

I heard gunshots and screams .

I heard mainly my x z mother say I am ugly inside and out.

(I was bullied for being ugly when I was young)

My family saying they never loved me but only pretended to love me.

My family wanted to kill me …

My soul mate I thought was having sex with other woman and I heard moaning that tormented me.

I hate hearing moans etc of others.

At one point the moaning was 24/7.

I heard some friends I once had saying they were paid to be my friends n they were never my real friends.

I remember trying my best to study but the voices kept saying awful things so I failed.

Screaming too and other things I will not write here now.

I had some of the best moments of my life with Anders.
We had destructive forced separate us and I am so sorry I lost his address n never told him …

They would not let me go out sometimes because I was to ugly to be seen so I could not do groceries easily as they also said I do not deserve food and they would make sure I never get my license.


The voices ruined my relationships even with my clocest .

I heard many other things too but will not write that here.

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Mine puts the n word at the end of every sentence. It makes me so angry. I am not your anything, stop calling me the n-word.“it’s not the n-word” the voice responds “it’s spelled different.” Yeah well I still don’t want to hear it. But I will. Over and over again. He won’t stop.

The female voice on the other hand acts nice but is sometimes mean… much less of a threat than the aforementioned male voice.

I just want them both gone.


They say we dont know either you real or acting :cry::cry::cry:


josh says…“we’re superior”
Jeremy says “we don’t mince words”
biff says “your a republican in name only”
jeff says “I love ya but I hate ya”

lourie says “beat your dick to me”

brian says “never looking back was your worst mistake”

my voices would say all kinds of stuff, I have a hard time remembering everything they said, I would hear them all day and all night. I never got commands to kill or nothing like that.

o yeah josh also says “you’re the devil incarnate” how could I forget that one.


My favorite is this one:

Therapist: Have the voices told you to kill yourself lately?
Voice: Kill yourself
Me: Again, every single time you ask that question, the voice will immediately order me to kill myself. Please use common sense, doctor.

Okay, have you thought about a pink elephant lately?

See what I mean?


They tell me to kill others and kill myself. They say random things that don’t make any sense or that don’thave anything to do with anything. They repeat what I’ve heard, they repeat my thoughts. They try to convince me that my delusions are real. They say my mind will break. Sometimes they make it so it sounds like there’s a crowd in my head.


Shut the f*** up! That’s what I tell them.

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My voices were all evil they used to insulted and mocked me every day


Like when I heard voices like they weren’t like commenting or anything, never having talks with them etc / never taking in into a conscious diAlogue type of way no commenting on life etc just wasn’t there

In the beginning my mind was like going into different takes on reality and the world idea format — you know like delusions what not, insight was off taking to that warped world etc had voices at the time etc

Beginning of psychosis had like many different delusions every day, years later had long going one s,
Voices where never like I never heard it as talking to me or took that into mind wasn’t ever any
mind make of that of anytype

Other than that lately I’ve been in a slump dealing with intrusive thinking now so that’s that, making me just depressed as ■■■■ as I feel like I’m spiral back into psychosis like since my mind has a reaction to that in which is imaginary. Sad about things etc


Sorry I misread the question. They tell me I’m crazy.

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Some girls in the first grade told me I was ugly. I believed that lie until I was 30 some years old. I’ve never seen your pic but someone lied to you. You’re not ugly.