What do your voices say to you

What are some of the things your voices say to you. Go into detail. Mine are mostly negative but sometimes comforting. My negative voices say things like “Why are you even trying, this is pointless, you’re a lazy bum, etc” My positive voices say “Nothing’s wrong with you, everything is gonna be okay, stop worrying, etc” What do your guys voices say to you?

Mine say “Hang in there. You’re doing great. You’re beautiful inside and out. You have been bullied and harassed. You have a right to be hurt and angry. Your money and family are waiting for you.” Once in awhile they will say “Bitch” or "Sut" but mostly it’s either positive or neutral stuff. That’s the stuff they say when they talk to my conscious. They can also talk to my subconscious where I can NOT make out what they are saying and they say things that scare the sht out of me! It’s more like inserted thoughts then. Sometimes the paranoia is awful.

It’s saying negative things to me like “you’re stupid” “you’re disgusting” “commit suicide” “you don’t belong here, go back to your own country”

Why the heck does this guy want to know anything in detail? Get outta here! (voices speaking)
What’s in it for you? no mames. Do yourselves a favor…get a job, write when you get work, send money when they pay you.
What the hell, I can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow.
Does this come with pancakes, I prefer blueberry one’s that are square.
Donde esta la Raina?
Simplify life and all will fall into place.
Die before the masses and get a proper funeral.
I left one and one left me.
Adonde vamos?

enough for a few minutes work?

Lately I’ve mostly been hearing the common demons shrieking at me, which is pretty scary. But when they do speak to me it’s something like…

You’re worthless
They don’t want you
You belong to us
We will eat your soul
We will steal your soul and eat it
Your family will die
You will suffer, and your family will die suffering
You can make this easy
Just take the pills
Filthy faggot
Nobody loves you
You belong to us

You are a hypocrite
Cut yourself to prove you’re real.
And other derogatory things and evil things too horrible to mention.

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I have a lot of very negative voices but as of a few months ago these two voices introduced themselves as Charlie and Karen. They are very nice voices and sometimes communicate to the negative voices to try and stop them. It’s like good and evil battling in my head

“Hey, hey, you’re not sick! Stop being weak!”

That’s been the annoyance recently. Sometimes he gets smooth about it, tries to be all caring. Says “hey, just go with this motion here. You’re getting much healthier!” But it always leads to a trap…

Umm what was I talking about with plague the other night…

He said God is a tyrant…who is cold and controlling…he says it would be better for me to listen to the demons and his kind than to listen to god, because following the demons’ commands will bring me pleasure and following God’s will not.

Plague just seems really focused on drawing me away from God, probably because God is the only one that protects me from him and the other demons :unamused:

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Telling you people… fasting’s the best way. I never hear that ■■■■■■■■ anymore… and 3 years ago, I was the guy sitting still hearing voices and deciding I can’t do anything with my life even if I tried.

Mine are like it’s money you want isn’t it. What about god eat ■■■■ die we are greater than you are we are demons. And I’m like you are peaces of ■■■■ you are less than me why don’t you kill yourselves you are the problem goes on and on

When the dogs are here
Her her her (laughing)
Get wet
She phones
She’s stupid
She uses humour
How longs she been going out with him
Work work

They stopped

Well, yesterday we were discussing how 100 percent yin is bad and 100 percent yang is also bad.

It’s best to not go to far into either side. About fifty percent in to either side is fine but once it starts getting to far in it’s a bad thing both ways.

They discuss technologies like turning the ocean into useable and drinkable water, fixing the energy problems, better transport that doesn’t give people cancer or mangle them in crashes, and weather knowledge so we may avoid the bad ■■■■.

They talk about how every disease is curable and preventable and how a map can be drawn of every single material on earth and a detailed description can be given as to it’s pinnacle uses or how it’s bad and why we should stay away from it.

They talk all of the time about a system that people need, it sounds really bad ass to, it’s the system of no death or suffering basically. But just about everyone is against it right now so they kind of leave that one alone usually. They are perplexed as to why when they talk about it people get pissed because they are just saying if you do this you are going off of that cliff over there, but people always get pissed. Apparently being anti-death and anti-suffering makes you a great enemy on earth.

They talk about time travel, it’s real and some are already using it. They talk about instituting quarintine procedures to get rid of certain foul diseases that harm and kill people.

They say immortality is most certainly achievable by way of better sciences, and also resurrection is achievalbe by way of advanced scientific ability and knowledge.

They talk about the many other forms of life out there and also other universes that exist. And yes they know of us and have been here.

Psychic ■■■■ is real but it comes with mundane explanations as usual.

They accuse me of doing bad things on purpose

There may be some triggering lines in here so please read at your own risk!
Here’s a conversation going on in my head right now actually:
Me…thinking of purchasing some e-books.
Voice 1: You shouldn’t use e-books, you should buy physical copies of books.
Voice 2; You’re an aspiring writer and hardly have a bookshelf actual books in it (true, the book shelve is holding more DVD cases then books right now).
Voice 1 : If your book ever gets published don’t you want people buying physical copies of the book?
Me…I have such a large e-book collection, I can take it anywhere, unlike having to lug a handful of books.
Voice 1: remember being in intensive care this past year? They did’t let you have personal electronics.
Voice 2: What if power goes out and your kindle dies…you wont be able to read anything any more.
Me…Okay…first I don’t plan on going to the hospital again any time soon.
Voice 2: You didn’t plan on going to the hospital earlier this year.
(Ignoring the fact I know I didn’t plan on going, but still wound up there…)Second, I guess power could go out yes, but unless it’s the apocalypse it would be back on again in a few hours to (at the most days). Besides I like my kindle it’s easy to hold in one hand, I love the built in adjustable back-light, being able to change fonts…and make highlights/take notes on it. I also love that holds the last page you were on, no more needing book-marks folding corner of pages. Not to mention I don’t have to run to the store to go get the latest book, I can buy it from Amazon and have it transferred to my kindle in seconds.
Voice 3 You should get every E-Book you have in hardback/paper format.
Me: not every book I have an e-book for is sold in paper-back/hardback copies…and I have over 1200 e-books, (Yes I spend a lot of money on my e-book collection). Besides I can’t spend that much on regular copies. And now with our new “central mail box” situation if it wont fit in the boxes the maintenance man has to sign for them and bring them over and he’s commented on how much I already do buy.
Voice 1:You could buy your books in a store.
Me Some of the books I have are old and not in stores near me.
Voice 3 Then you could search around them.And if you stopped buying e-books you could replace your e-books with paper.
Me…I live in such a small apartment I don’t have the room for all these physical copies of books.
Voice 3: You could make space cleaning up and de-cluttering like that character in that Shop-a-holic series by Sophie Kinsella tried doing in one of the books.
Voice 4:Your a slob
Me I’m ugly.
Voice 4you’re fat. you have bad teeth that your relying on your parents to pay to fix when you F
’em up yourself. Because you’re a lazy slob. No one will ever marry you. You don’t even kiss good. You’re so lame. You’ll die alone, Useless and alone.
Voice 1 Lets go on Amazon and by some of those books hun?
Voice 2Is Hun a word?

well this could go on for some more, I think I’m going to into the living room for a while.

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