How much has medication helped you?

Not to boast or anything, but the medication has had a miraculous effect on my paranoia. I was a total fruit loop before starting my latest medication update a few years ago. Now my paranoia is much more based in reality and reasonable suspicion.

The biggest downside to me is that i have trouble losing weight and with increased appetite. Which is significant. I hate being obese, but w/e.

Anyone else have success stories with meds? I’m wondering if people who’ve benefitted from meds are in the minority here.

  • Meds have helped my symptoms a lot.
  • Meds have helped my symptoms a bit.
  • Meds haven’t helped and/or had too many side effects to be worth it.

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Just a bit. Voices are less. But still have symptoms

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When i wake up in the mornig i cant brethe…my pdoc said …take a muscle relaxant right when you wake up…i did and felt alittle better…alittle better is a big help


A lot. Off meds I’d be on a rollercoaster ride with depression, mixed mania, hypomania, a jumbled head and Alien would scream at me and take over my body.
on meds Im calmer and don’t have such a lot of voices, just occasional silent whispers or thoughts inserted. And the depression is manageable

Still have episodic relapses though but not as bad as if i was off meds

so yes meds are a lifesaver


I dunno anymore life is just shitty

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I think I’m too ■■■■■■ up for meds to work my brain has been rewired by something

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I experimented with going off meds and learned my lesson. It felt like all we were doing was tinkering so I was susceptible. I went into psychosis and drove cross country in the middle of winter without a coat. That was 6 years ago and I’ve been stable since then with the help of medication.

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Meds helped me a lot

i thought i was like/similar to Jesus Christ and i believed i will be buried alive by others and i had voices in my ears and other things but that went away with the help of medication :slight_smile:

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I would say they helped me 40%. I think I should make more efforts to get better. Even my pdoc was expecting more help from meds for me, but it didn’t happen. But we are all different. There are people who recover very well with meds. Its just not everyone…

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Mine have helped me a lot. I don’t carry a knife anymore and feel like I have to defend myself all the time. I’m not memorizing license plates and facial features in case I get kidnapped. I’m still scared to walk around the neighborhood alone though, which is too bad because I live in a nice neighborhood and could really use the exercise. I haven’t had to hide in the bathroom in some time, and I haven’t seen demons in a little while now. So I’m pretty happy. Meds make life MUCH easier!


My meds have taken me from being a delusional wreck who needed constant care to a high-functioning member of society who passes for normal (when I want to).



90% reduction in positives, thanks to risperidone.

The rare flare up, but it’s no longer a constant battery of voices and visuals, paranoia and delusion.

I still struggle with negatives though

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Look up R ALA. it acts on a receptor to stop appetite increases.

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Well my main symptom was that i had voices and they would give me tactile sensations as if they were talking from different parts of my body. Mainly out of my tracheotomy scar but no voices anymore really so they helped alot

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Meds have eliminated my paranoia, manic phases and depression. I still get delusions and audible voices.

I’m ambivalent. They seemed to help in the short run and from doctors perspective, but harmed in the long run and from my own experience. I remember being so (forced) drugged by haldol that I could barely listen, talk, walk, think, feel, understand what people were saying…could barely stay conscious… and the pdoc asking me “oh, you feel lots better now, don’t you?”… I could not even answer, only be perplexed and think she must be the crazy one.

The smaller dose I use now allows me to function in society though, allows me to be a safer and more stable mother to my son, allows me to work, see family and friends. At some point I decided my son didn’t really have much use for a mum that was medfree but in isolation cell.

Although I still think I’d have been better off if I never touched them in the first place. Meds took “me” from me, and my ability to deeply connect to other people. I still hate the doctors who prescribed them so carelessly for a temporary bad situation.

Meds have helped me a lot. Even though i still have some symptoms, i know i’m way better off than i would be without them.

Antipsychotics for the most part have done jack all for me. The one that did help the side effects were literally too dangerous for me to stay on it. Depakote…some days I debate whether it does anything for me at all…honestly my mood is still pretty wackadoo. I have had way less depressive episodes on it though and less severe when they do happen so it’s worth staying on. And modafinil helps give me motivation and focus to do things but it really does not give me energy, which is frustrating because then I can want to do things but still be sleepy and need caffeine to combat that.

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