What do you want for Christmas?

LIke so many on the forum, I spent time with some members of family. Some good, some odd, some strife and me trying to keep cool. I got asked almost 100 times yesterday… “James, what do you want for Christmas?” I don’t physically need anything. I did say to an Aunt, “If you want to contribute to six months worth of meds, that would be a present for us all.” She didn’t think that was cool. I wish this Aunt had a little more sense of humor.

I have no idea what I would WANT for Christmas that could be bought. But now it’s got me thinking.

I want tomorrow to always be better then yesterday. I want to have some confidence that I will never relapse again. I want my family to stabilize and heal. You can’t buy any of that…

What do other people want for Christmas? :question:


Me, I’m just wanting to see some of my friends for the holiday. I can handle being alone on thanksgiving, but not on Christmas.

I would, however, really like a light therapy lamp. That’s the one material possession that I wish for.

I think asking for stability and medications is a great Christmas wish! I really hope you get it :slight_smile:



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If I remember right, your having people over today right?

Are you going to fly to Tennessee for Christmas or maybe they could fly out to see you?

Have you been looking into light therapy?

Yes, you’re right J! My good friends came over for coffee and conversation. We had a great time. And they brought me a huge plate of food! So now, it feels like a holiday.

I probably won’t be flying to see my family for Christmas. I have a lot of trouble flying. All the people and sitting so close to strangers really triggers me.

And my family definitely won’t be flying to see me. They live in a very small mountain town in Tennessee. It’s a very simple way of life there. Most of my family has never left that small town. So they’re afraid of flying, especially to a city as big as Houston.

It’s ok though. My good friends here have become like family to me. They make time for me after their families.

I have been looking into light therapy. There’s a lot of research behind it. But the light therapy lamps are pretty expensive. So I’m hoping I can manage to save up for one. I’m optimistic that it will help. Thanks SO much for the recommendation!



I had no idea you could buy a lamp that goes in your house. Here in Seattle it’s been described to me like a tanning salon. A light bed, only you don’t get tan at all but you feel better when you leave.

Insurance up here in Seattle will cover it during the winter months. I’ve seen a picture of the light bed, the plexiglass is over the bed of light bulbs. Every time I see the picture I just think… Why would I climb into a Xerox machine?

Lol! That’s way different than I imagined. I just started searching for light therapy and the lamps for sale popped up. It seems light a pretty good way to go. Especially compared to climbing into a machine!

If I can save up and do some research and buy a lamp, I would definitely go that route. No appointments to make, no insurance to fill out, no driving and parking… a much more user friendly route.

I’ll keep you posted if I find some good information. Thank you again.


I wished more paper to draw on. My mom wants to buy something and that’s all I really need that can be bought.

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how about a girlfriend?

i want a gf too lol but i dont think i’ll get one under the tree haha

tbh i dont want much this christmas, i just want everybody to be happy and enjoy themselves

i hope my dad gets out of hospital and makes an appearance at my mums for christmas dinner
i hope that he stays off of the wine as it is making him sick :frowning:

i hope that my eyes get better and i can read and sing some carols at the christmas service that i’m going to, well i hope that my eyes dont cause any problems anyway.

i got my friends some little things and i have written some seasonal cards :slight_smile: i got 40 little cards for 99p which was awesome as it only cost about 3.33p each lol.

there are some things that i want like some comics but i dont want anyone to get me them as they are too expensive lol idk why comics are so expensive lol.

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The only thing I could think of is that I still have the common sense to appreciate everyone and everything I already have.

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Lol I want glitzi globes. It is a kit where you can make your own tiny snow globes. I also want a Zelf. They are like troll dolls. Mostly I just want my son with me for Christmas. Spending time with him is my favourite thing.

I don’t know if you guys realize how much you embody or take on the true spirit of Christmas so I’m here to tell you that your posts are exactly what Christmas is really about. I seem to be having a sappy moment and I will blame you guys, in a good way of course, as the true spirit of Christmas is the wishing of good tidings, joy, happiness and love. Presents are an added bonus :smile:


Yeah, I realize what xmas is all about, but, then why is “black friday” so popular

I’ve been asked many times what I want and I can’t think of anything. Anything I do want is something that can’t be bought. However I do know what I want to get people for Christmas. I already have everyones gifts ready. Main thing about Christmas that I look forward to is seeing my family.

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I want a Kindle. Books take up too much space.

I really am not asking for anything materialistic this year. I am kind of looking forward to seeing certain family members.
The Holiday season can be stressful for me. I just have to pace myself. I am wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Holiday season.

@BakedBeans If you like to read you should totally get a Kindle. I love mine.

Tibetan prayer flags, i think they look cool but have a deep meaning, but also i like looking at them when they move around in the wind, i find it calming, it is as if the energy of the universe is moving through the flags themselves.
take care

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To be honest Money to replenish my bank account for things I’ve bought