What do you think?

I was feeling restless and only slept 5 hours last night, plus I’m out of it, and can’t concentrate. Not sure if I want to wait til Monday to get my injection. I have a day trip planned with my family over the weekend. Do you think I should call and ask to get the injection today?



I don’t get injections, so I don’t know first hand, but I’ve read about it on this site a lot that there seems to be a period of time right before the next shot is due that you feel like you feel like the meds are wearing off. I would probably be tempted to get the shot early if they let me, but I don’t know if they will do it.

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I know that I can get it early, I have been. Just wondering if a broken sleeping pattern is reason enough to get it early. I got on another AP so I don’t have any symptoms

I’d try because it’ll take a day to take effect.

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Maybe its just temporary. When you sleep tonight over it, it may be allright tomorrow. Havn’ t you got some valium or similar to take.

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I would ask for the injection today to be safe.

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@Dunno3x, I have a benzo but they don’t do anything but keep my mind organized.

@ZmaGal, I put it off. I’ve been doing yardwork all day and I have plans tonight. After I thought about it, I don’t want to be sleepy for the rest of the day

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I never had side effects from my Invega injection so I forget to think about that. Have fun going out tonight. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: 15151515

I was nothing but sedated all day. My 2nd AP is reaching steady levels in my system and I want off it. So sedated. I lost my personality

I’m trying to be strong and be compliant. It’s so hard

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