What do you think of this?


When I was at the clubhouse a few days ago this middle aged woman who works for the assisted living center company that cares for us came up and started talking to this guy with her back to me. Her ass was substantially in my face. I waited about a minute and then I stood up abruptly and scraped my chair across the floor as I shoved it under the table. Now I’m getting signals that she’s indignant about that. I’m mad about the whole thing. Do you think she was out of line?


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Yeah. People put in charge of our care are uneducated+rude. :facepunch:

Do not be surprised if you get a suspension from the club house. :house: :punch: :facepunch:


Well, at least she didn’t let out a big fart right?

Just trying to be positive, looking at the bright side.



I knew you had a :sun_with_face: side


LOL disturbing. I highly doubt she intentionally was waving the junk in her trunk at you. I imagine she was unaware of the situation, and if she seemed irked it might have been because of the sudden loud noise.


You both got to display your anger. She knows it made you angry.You know she was angry with you. Now just drop it and move on. In the grand scheme of things, this does not matter. I doubt she did it deliberately. It was inconsiderate and rude for sure, but nothing worth fighting about.


This can happen a lot. It’s easy to not be aware of this when focused on what you are doing. I’m guessing she didn’t intentionally position herself in such a way. However it is something that she may need to learn to pay attention to :wink: