What do you think ladies?

If I told you I might try to help you find your soul so I can sleep next to it?

(this phrase just crossed my mind… I wouldn’t want to use it aside from the girl I was thinking of when it crossed… but I still wonder.)

Otherwise I might just make it my slogan. (I’ll tell it to the guys too [hahaaaa!])

It’s nice, I would like it :slight_smile:

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har har… score!


Still it’s gotta be genuine… I couldn’t use it always. If I were to do that it might as well be a catch phrase or a bumper sticker.


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sounds like you gave it some thought. I would send it in one text at night.

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Well that’s a good idea… but she already knows that. I would probably present it the same as I did to you all.

It’s more a summation of what was going on…

I can’t really recall the thought process, but it kind of formed up.

I wanted to jot it down somewhere. I do that a lot with this forum. The feedback is great though.

What… I don’t get it, ask her what she thinks about it? That’s a bit childish man

There are a lot of troubled souls out there. I see it as an olive branch. Be yourself, I won’t turn you away or take advantage.

I have a great deal of peace these days thanks to z… kind of want to spread it around. Which sounds poly-amorous as ■■■■… but that might be the direction I’m headed in… I can’t tell.

Monogomy was a dream for a long time… but I prefer open communication, exploration, and trust beyond exclusivity. (methinks)

Ah… noted :slight_smile:

(it’s just that’s the undertone of the friendship… for both her and I)

She’d connect the dots on that methinks.

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You shouldn’t change your ideals for a person. If you prefer monogamy that’s what you should pursue, otherwise you will be miserable in no time if it goes anywhere and she remains polyamorous.

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I think the ultimatum of polyamory is that even amidst the freedom two people really prefer each other and monogomy just kind of manifests… though officially both are still open.

I mean. Holding out for the right girl wasn’t working. Honestly… I don’t get jealous any more.

I don’t sleep around. It’s not about racking up numbers. I’m pretty sure I am a demisexual. Even the most beautiful of women don’t trigger desire unless they got my kind of substance to them…

I mean the domestic dream of settling down… while beautiful in some regards and definitely necessary in regards to baring children… is more the end point of one’s youth. By then I better be well equiped and employed so I might have any escape from the turmoil of the drudgery.

When cast in a different light… things might seem different all of the sudden.

I seriously love talking to most of you, I like that to get personal and would hate to be guilt-ed for it or be preoccupied to see it through.

That’s the lesson really. No jealousy. No possessive tendencies. Mutual empowerment beyond not just one person, but everyone… sexual or not.

There is more on this minni but I’m not going to talk about it… it invades another’s privacy. Though she is anonymous and unknown to you… there is no real reason I should disclose anything.

Her and I have talked at length… she is a good friend. Trust me, I’m not going to wind up heart-broke…

(honestly taking to this school of thought allows me to find balance in loving someone. I can’t just unlove… perhaps its a phase… I’ll find out later if it works for me in the long term.)

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I’ve taken care of myself for long enough to know that I don’t need help. What I need is company… and counting on building a life with someone without it getting complicated is to much to consider.

Things are always so imbalanced.

I don’t really work… I don’t really exercise… I drink and smoke… I’m to damned smart for my own good and that puts people off at times… I’m on disability…

I’ve been with girls who want me to be working as hard as they do… honestly I can’t… at this point anyway.

I can only offer my company… and if its my company they appreciate and with no other ends… then I think both will be satisfied.

Your mind seems to be on the right place for it. I was just talking out of experience, I broke some hearts back in the day and it wasn’t cool.

Most people think they’re ready for it, but when the time passes and the relationships evolve things change.

I’m monogamous right now and I intend to be, I won’t go down that route again. It’s very complicated and often full of drama in the end.

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I think everything gets smoother as time goes on and people get older…

If I here of a partner doing something with someone else… I’d rather have then genuine smile and acknowledgment of “ohhh, did she?”

rather than… “OHHHH! DID SHE???”

I just realized that relationships are partially about are social ego. No one likes to be cheated on… but what makes it worse is when people are talking about you being cheated on.

This eliminates that ■■■■■■■■.

We all want someone special… it holds us up to feel trusted and part of something. It gives us purpose.

The total nature of love is still contained, appreciation, attraction, longing, missing, loving… accept I don’t have to be powerless in curbing that.

I’ve broken a few hearts too… that’s kind of part of it. You can only go for those who understand.

Honesty and disclosure is essential from the beginning.

I seriously just hate being so alone. At this point in my life that’s how things are.

I get what you’re saying. I just don’t agree that it’s like that in practicle terms. There’s a lot of hypersexuality on the mix there.

Love is love and there’s all kinds of loves, a friendship well built can lead to love, a friendship can be love, friends can have sex without it being awkward, or the contrary. But it always leaves some sort of mark, and we’re “programmed” to procreate and culturaly “programmed” to live the eternal ever after with someone.

I had a poli relationship with one guy, we’re both seeing other people, he was extremelly jealous and was kinda hoping at the same time that he could have a threesome with me and the other girl he was seeing. I wasn’t into to her, and said no. He was really pissed.

He was staying at my house for a couple of months, then I had to move and he moved to her house, he found me on the street one day telling me they weren’t getting along and if he could come back to my house. I told him no, that I wanted to brake it up, that I wanted to be alone at the time and he took it pretty bad. Said he was in love and all of that. That was the last poli relationship I had, seriously I hate the drama.

People aren’t grown ups, not even grown ups are grown ups. It always ends in drama.

yeah the guy was doing it for power…

I’m just doing it for balance… and to face those jealous tendencies and understand them. For me it is really just the not knowing. If I know what happened then it’s better than spinning in mystery.

Also if a girl tells me she’s sleeping with someone long term… then it’s more like that’s something else that doesn’t effect me. What is more important is what goes on between the girl and I… if that’s good why should I sacrifice it for some long term ends that would be to tough to sort out anyway?

I mean I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

Well, it doesn’t hurt you experiencing it and seeing for yourself if its for you. Maybe it is, who am I to say the contrary? :slight_smile:

Good luck, I’m gonna leave the interwebz now, talk to you laterz

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Laterz minnikerz…

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