What do you think can cause schizophrenia

My main theory about what causes schizophrenia is the occult.

Although, I am also interested in studying family dynamics.

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I dabbled in LSD when i was 18 and 19, so maybe that had something todo with it. But i believe it was a traumatic life event that happened to me - and a mixture of genetics, cos my cousin has Sz as well.

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What caused my sz, was through bad circumstances. I got bullied my freshman year in high school. That caused me to get social phobia. Then I got major deppression because, I freaked out in school all day long.(because of social phobia) Then I got sz when I was 19 due to social phobia and major deppression. I am the only person in my family who has sz.

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I always try and read your posts.
Sounds like your fighting the delusions.
Good for you!


I would love to find someone to blame, but in the end, I would blame myself
I struggled with amphetamine addiction early in my high school days.

Then in college, I struggled with alcoholism and amphetamine addiction, as well as benzodiazepene addiction.

When I developed full blown schizophrenia, I was in my mid twenties; which research shows, is common.

So I can easily say, it’s my fault, because of dopamine or another neurotransmitter issue in the brain, caused by my addiction.

I would also like to think it’s a divinity issue, on either side. The Lord, judging me and punishing me; teaching me a lesson; or, the common one, when it comes to tactile hallucinations, Satan (The Devil).

However, witches and the occult, I have no experience in, but besides the witch trials and the Vatican burning them because of their ways on Google.

However, reading the bible, and over 2,000 years of Jesus Christ; I would like to think I’m not that important, for either to become involved in my life.

I would also like to blame the law enforcement community, thinking their punishing me for my crimes (either proven or unproven); maybe even some secret court.

That would be possible; but then the voices and tactile hallucinations, with visual included, would be technology; and not a result of divinity neither neurotransmitter issues.

The possibility that it could be both, is still there; but I don’t have the proof, nor the money to trace any kind of involvement, by the law enforcement community.

Neither can I fight technology I don’t have access too, nor understand.

Which leads to military involvement. I think I will stop at that, because I don’t want to involve myself further, in a power such as our countries extremely well resourced military.

Although, aliens and space like power, I don’t think exists in my life nor mind.

So, at the end of the post, I really don’t have a answer, as to why I hear voices; but I thank you for reading my long post.

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I was diagnosed with acute depression and anxiety in my late forties due to an extremely stressful marriage. The stress continued and the diagnosis changed to schizophrenia a couple of years later.

I like to blame a very stressful life as the cause as there is no history of mental illness in my family.


Stress, drugs and relationships. “Sensitivity” that runs in heredity.

I think most likely it’s just a bad combination of genes that is the primary cause in most cases. But I have also had other factors that I am suspicious of setting it off and/or causing it. I was knocked unconscious once in a car accident when I was 18 or 19. I have tried lsd on sugar cubes. I smoked pot when I was younger. These are all risk factors for developing schizophrenia and all things I wish I would have avoided. Then of course there were certain situations where I did not handle the stress well that probably set it off as well. The truth is that there is no way to know. You kind of just have to accept the fact that it happened.

Clomipramine taked alone in bipolar causes double schizophrenia, serotonin schizophrenia - psychotic mania - everyday hallucinations and muscarinic schizophrenia, psychosis, extasy with delusions.

I personally think it’s just stress in too huge amounts combined with physical things like the way one eats and other medications, drugs.

By stress in huge amounts that could be like unresolved trauma.

So unhelpful thinking patterns, yea that’s bad.

In excess.

Here’s a link

So the opposite of anti inflammatory food is inflammatory food such as very processed food and meat

My Sz was caused by alcohol.


Me too