What do you think about this...are disabled people mooches (read NO)

I’m copying my post from an earlier thread because I think it could be a whole new topic, but for those of you who feel guilt or other feelings about being on welfare or disability check this out…

can drive. I think one of the issues for future generations to discuss in regards to disability is this…with a decreasing need for labor due to automation, how disabled must one be to be considered disabled? For me the issue boils down to not being better than my neurotypical competition. Why HIRE a schizophrenic when one doesn’t have to? There just aren’t enough jobs. It’s the concept of not needing to be faster than the bear just faster than the other guy trying to outrun the bear. As a schizophrenic there are obvious risks undertaken by the employer when hiring us. We may not be disabled in so far as our inability to do the job but more so in that we are less hireable than non schizophrenic people. We still deserve to live and actually providing us with some income is good for the world and the economy. Disability is here to prevent homelessness, an eyesore for the average working person which discourages shopping (which is fundamentally the whole thing holding our society up). So to sum up, well, we need disability to prevent crime because there isn’t a great enough demand for labor.

I’m probably preaching to the choir with this one but if you ever end up in a debate with others about the nature of this thread this argument usually checkmates them

Another good point: Poor people spend pretty much all the money they have. For someone on disability, that money isn’t being thrown away or removed from the economy. It’s being used to buy goods, pay utilities, and contribute to our economy. Welfare came about in the first place because people weren’t spending money on anything and our economy collapsed. Welfare was introduced because if the lower classes have enough money to spend on goods and services, all of society benefits. Jobs are created, with wages being paid for by the money spent on things. Businesses grow. The top 1% of wealth hoarders then get more wealth to hoard like OCD dragons, and they keep making laws that contribute to their pockets growing. They provide welfare, not as a charity, but as an investment, because they know all that money will be returning to them.


I have great respect for people who are on welfare. We used to get food assistance but don’t anymore. I don’t mind contributing to the welfare system, for people who literally can’t hold down jobs because they are disabled. There just aren’t enough jobs anymore and if you want a good one, you have to have some kind of college education. It’s a struggle for sure for so many people.


If we are eligible for these benefits then who am i to argue, people need to realise that we dont need to prove anything bc the proof is that we suffer and they can see this by looking at our history, do i show my history to everyone? no, i dont feel the need to prove it, if someone tells me i should work and dont believe me when i say i am unwell then that is their problem that they dont trust what i say.


People who are unable to work are still entitled to a dignified existence. They should receive sufficient benefits to meet their needs plus some extra. Further to this, they should not be delivered in a way that singles them out and and humiliates them. Things like mandatory drug testing are especially vile.


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