What do you think about SZ Youtube Vloggers?

There are a few youtube vloggers who claim to have sz and they go into all the intimate details of their condition, meds etc.
Some are very popular and they have thousands of subscribers and adoring fans. I like their videos and i like reading their comments, but sometimes I wonder if they are being honest.

I would tell anybody who was interested anything about me in person, but I could never be a vlogger no matter how much money it paid.

Could you be a youtube vlogger ? Do you think some might not be completely honest ?


I’m interested in being a Youtube photography vlogger or maybe food vlogger, no interest in vlogging about SZ. Besides, I’m so much of a freak in this community that I’m sure most won’t relate to me on YT, either. I especially avoid watching what other SZs post. I already live with my own SZ, don’t need to live with theirs, too.

could you recommend me some popular youtube sz channels? I don´t know any

I’d do it if I was more interesting. I would have gotten more followers back when I was a drunk with psychosis.

I’m so boring these days that you couldnt sell a book about me to a fireplace.

I tell my story to those who want to here, but I’ve been very open about my condition since the end of August.

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Sorry for the late reply but i haven’t been feeling well lately.

I don’t know if it’s okay to name channels here, but the most popular channels on youtube are easy to find, just search - Schizophrenia or Schizophrenic on Youtube.

Sometimes they post often and sometimes not very often.

That’s actually a good thing.


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To the first question - No! Would be too nervous. To the second question - I wouldn’t like to say. I don’t think most with SZ are as media friendly as Rachel Star though.

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I’m great in front of a camera/stage/audience especially talking. I think I’d be decent now. In the past I thought I was too awkward looking/still sick to do anything like this. I wasn’t gonna make it about sz but rather that’d be a topic of my vlog.

But now I no longer have these longings for success, prosperity and attention no longer.

I love making my music. But truly it is a passion and not a direct goal. But in the past I used to think all day long about how I’m gonna be successful/make money in some obscure way. And I was very fickle and changed my mind a lot and was just crazy.

Now I live in the moment and am content.

Honestly I’d be good at vlogging most likely. That is until I’d get paranoid


I am a google blogger with 1 follower that I met on this site. I still get paranoid that everyone is reading my blog and knows I have sza. lol

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I watched some stuff. I think my stuff was censored at least algorithmic-ally by google or YouTube or whatnot. I don’t care. I see people get more views than me. I deleted mine. I had enough. I just do it for myself and not for anyone else. Mainly to get the negative, paranoid, fearful thoughts out. I can’t do it here all the time.

I think Google or YouTube demonetized schizophrenia videos and put them on the bottom of the ‘list’. It’s probably taboo, a risk, or discrimination. I see some successful, powerful schizophrenic women who were censored.


I can’t make any money on google blogger. They keep saying that I get too much unintentional traffic. Whatever!


@Cici2 used to have a really good vlog!!

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Thank you @anon2818416. I caved from bad comments unfortunately. :pensive:

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Today I dreamt I was live streaming out doors on youtube, was walking around showing some weird/normal kids, and even a zoo with like lions and how to escape them if you find yourself in their cage lol :smiley: I’ve actually thought about it before and it might actually be a good way to break this schizophrenia attitude of always wanting to stay inside the house. Like maybe one day I’ll start streaming live outdoor adventures, just showing the neighbourhood/ the types of people around - talking to them and just basic things I could do while live vlogging. But not now, maybe in the future. Like this guy called Ice Poseidon, he use to be really famous, use to get like 12,000 live viewers everytime he went outside, but one day the FBI raided his house, took all his equipment, told him he needed a filming license to stream and literally forced him to stop… since then, he’s not so famous anymore - rarely gets more than 1000 viewers as opposed to the usual 12,000 viewers he use to get. But basically, I’d like to copy what he use to do back when he was famous, but I won’t mention am schizophrenic, ever.

Oh no!!! I’m so sorry ! You should start up again!!


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