What do you tell people at a high school reunion?

I’ve got a high school reunion that I will be attending. What should I say that I do for a living when it comes up. Avoid it or be rude and say it’s none of your business. Perplexed.

Umm, just make something up?

say …" i am self employed…working hard at being cool "
take care :alien:


Talk about the things you do. You don’t need to volunteer your source of income, because that’s not really the question.

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I would make a joke and try to change the subject. That our just say ■■■■ it and tell people about the sz. I don’t see a reason to be ashamed of it or hide it really.

Ned? (punch in face)

just kidding violence is bad

I was referencing Groundhog Day.

Person A: what kind of work do you do?

You: I work for the government

Person A: wow, what kind of work do you do for the goverent?

You: I am a participant and principal researcher analyzing the effects and stigma of disorders originating in the central nervous system. It’s not that complicated and is easy work. Most of my day I don’t feel like I’m working. I tend to play golf on my off days.


Well I take my dog out. I assist my parents at home. Like fold laundry. Assist in the kitchen. Clean house. Pick the garden of its produce. Read occassionally . That’s just at the top of my head. Get visits from my cousin.

What sort of hobbies do you have? Is there anything you’re working on? Any cool plans?

I guess I am ashamed of it. I can’t help myself. I just don’t like it being talked about. From my backgrounds it’s . I can be honest about it but it makes me very uncomfortable. I’d rather avoid the topic and just tell them I live at home with my parents that’s true. I’m not ashamed of that living at home with my parents.

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I don’t have any hobbies that I’m doing I live day to day the household chores . Going out with my mother to do grocery shopping . I don’t do anything special. But I’m planning to go with my cousin to the Philippines next year. So I don’t get lost. Misterwaffles

Talk about that then! Any other places you’ve gotten to visit?

Thanks that’s a load off my mind. Misterwaffles

Imagine you didn’t have sz and instead you had, say, epilepsy and it prevented you from working - would you then feel so compelled to justify yourself? You’re not on trial, you don’t have to explain, no-one is judging you. Go to the reunion and bear in mind that half of what you hear from the others there will be grossly exaggerated to make it look like they’ve done well.


Yeah I think you should come up with something related to the things you’re facing now. Mental illness is a lifetime job.
And that’s not an occasion for deep talks.

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When I was in the military I did go to orlando, florida, .great Lakes, illinois. Bethesda, maryland. , visit new york, California , and virginia. Mister waffles

I’m not ashamed of the word mental illness but schizophrenia is another story. I would rather say I have a mental illness then sz. It eases my mind quite a bit. And I’ll leave it at that. Thanks Sarad and everyone else for their input. I’m more relieved.

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I wouldn’t go to my high school reunion because i was pretty much a ghost in high school. no one ever talked to me all through high school besides my 1 friend who never talks to me anymore after I became psychotic, did drugs, and got arrested a couple times. everyone treated me like ■■■■ i was never invited to parties and i was unreal/disconnected from everything, including my own brain. no one ever tried to help me :crying_cat_face:

■■■■ my high school. everyones way more successful than me too but it doesnt matter because ive been happy 3 days in a row so ■■■■ yall and ur bank jobs at least im happy this week so far on new medication and new coping skills

damn im tired though