What Do You See?

Not all the time, but when i am really tired, when i close my eyes, i can see things with my eyes closed as if they were really there. It is so scary to me, i have to open mt eyes right away, and the image is gone. Usually it is something like a horrible image, lile a man standing there with his left eye hanging out, and right away i opened my eyes and he was gone. Last night i saw a little girl with braids just standing there, and of course right away i open my eyes and she is gone.
I do not know if it is happening from being way over tired, or from the sshiz, but it can be somewhat scary, depending on the image. The person or image makes no move to hurt me, but it scares me anyway. It has not happened today because i slept for 17 hours last night. and i was way over tired. I am tired now and i am going to bed early, i just hope when i try to sleep these images do not come again, i think it only happens when i am only tired, so from now on i am going to try harder to get more slee. Does this happen to anyone else?

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My eyelids seem to be transparent, when I close my eyes, it’s as if they are still open.

I never see anything. Not even on LSD. I don’t need to see things that don’t exist. I can visualize things in my mind’s eye, but I can’t see what I want to see. If I could, I would have a photographic memory again. I can remember factual details from as young as 4, but I can’t see them literally. I can close my eyes and imagine landscapes. I would love to be able to use that ability. I don’t allow myself to yet because I need to learn to focus it so that I never have those sorts of hallucinations people are afraid to have. When I was young I recall I could zone out and have lucid dreams. But those gifted abilities disappeared over time.

I hope that you are not ■■■■■■■ with LSD

Sometimes this happens yes.

Usually it’s them smiling, no grinning at me. I really should call it grinning, you know the look probably, the cursed grin.

They are always made of light but very detailed.

One night it was an eyeless, just dark where eyes should be, decrepid looking evil dude. He looked oddly similar to bagul on that movie. Why that had some hallucinations in it didn’t it, well thats an odd coincidence, im sure it’s nothing though.

But yeah, that happens.