What do you personally think of people who can see spirits ect

Im not sure what to think really. Id like to bleive it it true but im not sure. I also feel like people whth schizophrenia have their psychic door too open where as these people dont have that its only slight. I have experienced spiritual things but im wondering if it is just me tbh


I’ve had really frightening experiences ‘seeing’ the dead, hearing the dead, smelling the dead. But other things can be more conforting. I still don’t understand any of it. I wouldn’t see it as a gift. But mediums seem to. And not be scared by it - but they say they feel energies, they don’t, see. Yet they feel, thoughts of the dead? Theres no way to determine if its real i think - unless nature is making frankensteins out of the departed and there is a way to find out. But there are alot of tricksters it seems. Like neuroscientists wonder at whether thoughts are just epephenomenon of the brain. Maybe ‘ghost’s’ are just like that. Externalised projections of thought? My experiences seemed so close to real. Its hard to believe. But if matter is conscious. How to seperate what the mind is doing from its wider environment? Might be a stupid question. How conscious could a stone be? How conscientious is a microbe concerning a human brain? Why might a dead thing with any empathy left for the living want to scare me?

Take your meds theres no such thing as ghosts.

I used to believe in spirits, psychics, tarot cards, witches, demons, the devil and such when I was younger. But the ghosts I was seeing and hearing were just symptoms of Sz. I don’t believe in them anymore.


I was a paid psychic that did Tarot card readings.
I also have schizophrenia so there’s that.
You go figure it out.

I also communicated with the dead and believed I could change the weather and move things with my mind.

Yeah I wasn’t well


I thought they were either delusional or fraudsters. The last place I lived in caused me to reconsider some beliefs. That’s all I’m sayin’.


Once you take away the belief in supernatural things those “feelings or sights” will dissipate.

The power of beliefs is something interesting


My paternal grandma was a fortune teller. Her schtick was reading tea leaves. I used to spend a lot of times as a kid at their place on the holidays because I’d go fishing with my grandfather. Anyways. I saw first hand what she did and it wasn’t anything mystical. She’d read the person more than the tea and feed them what they wanted to hear.

It’s a confidence game and it’s not a real phenomenon. Otherwise people could pick winning lotto numbers out of the air and that is all just pure, dumb luck.


When I was 17, I could see them, they spoke to me. I drew their stories.

They called it psychosis and I was stuck in a forensic ward

Medication was the cure

Even if it is real, I’d be consumed by my own internal conflict and probably be living on the street

My drawings were set on fire after I was convinced it was all mind games

I had seen a figure of light in the bathroom.
Since then I believe it was my guardian angel.

I think what really would these spirits want with us. Do they want to be us? Do they want to know what Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven was really about? I saw spirits when I was a kid in my room but these days all I see is my reflection.