The Paranormal

Like my therapist said, a lot of people, including non SZ people believe in the paranormal.
Case in point. The other day, at my brothers house, there was a small family gathering. My brother and his wife, my sister in law were there naturally, my cousin who is a brilliant PHD in the chemical sciences and biology, a female, and her husband, a nice guy who also has plenty of brains. We started to talk about a lot of things, and one of the discussions turned into how my cousin, the scientist believed in the supernatural. She told me that she picked up on a spirit or spirits in her old house, where her and her husband used to live, she later found out someone committed suicide in the home earlier. She was telling us that she used to hear a female entity singing through the baby monitor at night. My cousin dabbled with the tarot cards like me. My cousin is far from being psychotic or SZ.
Im thinking to myself, I was very spiritual at one point in my life, and I was in tune with the unseen.
I always was sensitive to the spirit world, even as a kid. The difference is, I get placed on antipsychotics and other various medications and get stamped with a stigma grabbing label for the rest of my life, while my cousin continues to thrive in life. The confusion grows - Am I a medium or highly sensitive? or am I schizophrenic/bipolar or am I both, can I be both. Its difficult to hold any kind of credibility when you have a SZ type label


I sometimes tell my son that I don’t think it’s necessarily about a particular belief as I do believe in the paranormal myself. However it does not take up 50-75% or more of my thinking. When this thinking comes at the expense of taking care of the physical body then I think that is not healthy. From my point of view it’s not the belief but how overwhelming that belief can be. It’s not just positive symptoms but negative symptoms that become a concern. He can believe in demons, chi, telekinesis etc and none of these believes cause him to need medications or sometimes be inpatient. Not eating, sleeping, taking care of his body or himself and having control over his emotional reactions, among other things, is in my opinion the concern.


I took my spirituality to the tenth level, to another dimension. I actually thought I was god like and I possessed super natural powers. I saw spirits and communicated with the dead. I think I may have taken it to the extreme. Now that I am on medication, I dont feel like this. So maybe it was delusion. But I still feel that I am sensitive to unseen forces to some degree



you sort of beat me to the answer I was sort of formulating. My interactions with ghost, paranormal activity, parallel universe, telekinesis and past incarnations all stopped with I quit doing acid. Since I have yet to see a ghost when I am NOT psychotic or high, my belief in this faded. I don’t disparage people who have these beliefs. They might have an extra channel in their head that can receive this info. I don’t have that channel except when I was doing too much acid.

My kid sis does believe in ghosts and psychic imprinting and channeling energy. She does use the Tarot and sometimes even a crystal pendulum. She does believe in feng shui, she will smudge our place. She is not on meds. But I am.

I know I wasn’t put on meds for my belief in past incarnations, ghost or people from another reality. I was put on meds due to my belief that all the food was poisoned and I refused to eat. I would stop sleeping and stand guard in case of kidnappers. I also was put on meds and diagnosed due to my extreme disorganized thought, my paranoia, my inappropriate and unpredictable behaviors. It had nothing to do with my beliefs in the spirit would.

I do believe there are some people who have that extra channel in their head and have the ability to recieve that sort of info… But I’m afraid I’m just not one of them.


Dude, it is poisoned though, what the hell!

They drugged you?! You should drug them on that one!

Ohhhh i get it, you actually tried to do something about it, well, can’t have that now can we?!

Yeah, kidnappers, i just don’t get why people are so non-chalant about them, people are going missing in very large numbers and no one even flinches, you freak out about it and they drug you?!

What im wondering is if it wasn’t them telling you, because in my case they were indeed speaking to me, the basstards themselves hounded me in my mind and taunted me about their great powers and evils, and they wonder why i freaked out?! Some crazy evil ■■■■■ in my head in the bus station frothing at the mouth about how they had power and control over my little sister, just grinning and taunting about it, “yeaaahhhhh! we’re gonna get her! there is nothing you can do about it.” Stuff like that.

You really would freak out because it would have become real at that point unlike most people who won’t even consider thinking of it if it isn’t them it’s happening to them.

Oh ■■■■, we aren’t crazy are we.

I think you can be both sensitive and have schizophrenia. I see my grandmother, who has passed, the same way I see the demons. I asked a medium about this. She said it wasn’t my imagination when I saw my grandmom. The difference between the two is that the demons are negative and seeing my grandmother is a positive experience. If it’s not harmful to you then there is nothing wrong with believing in the paranormal. I believe I have mediumistic traits and receive information about people that wouldn’t otherwise be known.

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I am starting to see that we can have both. I mean maybe my medium qualities is directly attributed or connected to my SZ - All I do know is as a psychic/medium/empath who read many people I was dead on accurate

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hhm this is a difficult one for me tbh. i have seen a ghost, witnessed by others at the same time and i don’t hallucinate visually so i know it was real. what it actually was though i couldn’t tell u. it was a dense black form, about 5 10 tall in the shape of a man. it floated down the stairs past the dining room door and lounge, rattled the chain on the door and disappeared. i tried to follow it after the initial shock but it had gone. it baffled me to b honest. as for psychics? the jury is still out on that one. most of them i think r just plain deluded, some of them, like john edwards, sally morgan etcetera r just charlatans. after all, if they were really talking to the dead then y can’t they give names and addresses of the deceased? even if they couldn’t hear the words, the deceased could send a picture of the name and address written down. i know if i was dead and communicating with a so called medium, that’s what i’d do to prove who i was. so no, no medium has the ability to talk to the dead at all. as for telepathy? i don’t believe in that either tbh. i think sometimes u may b able to pick up on subtle things but as for telephone clarity telepathy? i think it’s bollox. remote veiwing? i don’t know. looking at joe mcmoneagle and his experiments with targ and puthoff i would have to say i don’t know. jessica utts believe the data prooved psychic ability. ray hyman didn’t. i don’t have access to all the data so can’t comment. there are proponants and debunkers, i am neither. truth is, i just don’t know. all i do know is, mediums can’t talk to the dead and neither can i, even though i hear the voices of long dead actors i don’t believe they r really talking to me. same with the live ones. i can argue all day with the voices of actors and singers but i don’t believe they r real. they r ust splinters of my own mind. impressions if u will. just personalities put in by hypnotic torture and triggered thereafter. so no. i don’t believe in telepathy at all. ghosts yes, though whether they r human or not i don’t know. quite why they would b black mystifies me. i used to think maybe they were the ghosts of black people but then why would they b naked? i like a good ghost story, same as anyone and i’m intrigued by them but i don’t profess to really know anything about them. i smelled my dead grandfather 6 years after he died when i was twelve or thirteen. it was like he just sat down next to me it was that fresh. maybe he was saying goodbye or just letting me know he was there. i have no idea. my jury is still out on the subject of the paranormal, if for no other reason than the same data is interpreted in different ways by different groups depending on their belief systems.

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