What do you like about where you live?

i live in rural texas. small town. 600 people. dont like it. nothing to do here. barely any mental health services. even in the neighboring towns. sucks

I live in Houston, Texas. I love the convenience of being able to walk to almost everything I need.

Plus, there’s a lot to do here. Theres a great art and music scene here. Plus a pretty good public transit system to get to those events.

There’s also a lot of diversity. But with a very accepting and liberal atmosphere. For example, I live in a small Hispanic neighborhood. I’m one of maybe 10 Caucasians here. But everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

I love it here! And couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.


NYC – I love being able to do anything I enjoy, at only a subway ride away.

I live in a rural area deer and owls and just buy the sea which i can see 2 miles from my house the area is crown estate belongs to the queen but i own my own house From 1663, the land around it was gradually drained, and by the mid-18th century, the channel separating it from the shore had entirely silted up. It was parished in 1831
A fort was built at the outbreak of the First World War.
Today, the settlement consists of a church, a few houses and various farms. Cottages were built 1855-7 by Samuel Sanders Teulon. which my door frames are all arched and windows are listed and doors alot of history in this area i to like the solitude to from stimalie

i live in a nice area on the outskirts of the city with a low crime rate and that makes me feel a lot safer and i have good transport links that are nearby and a park, i have a good array of shops to chose from as well,

was looking at furniture today for my new place when i get it (hopefully within the year) i love looking at furniture and i cant wait to have my own place with my own things, i’m getting a nice big comfy sofa and a big mirror for the wall (i like having a big mirror in the living room) sometimes mirrors freak me out but as long as they are in the right place its ok, :wink:

I like that I can walk to all the things I need (doctors, library, parks, etc) or ride a bike to further places (beaches/ocean/the gym/etc) and I like the weather here (I live in Northern California) because it is not hot like what I have experienced where I have been before. It is very inexpensive here too (which is rare for this state- not to mention by the ocean). I like that this topic makes me focus on good things.

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I’m glad that you have landed somewhere you like. I hope you will get to stay and enjoy the area for a while.

i wish i could land somewhere in cali.
the south central where i am just doesnt do it for me


That I can’t see my nearest neighbor, even in the winter. The crystal clear river near by. The nature that my house is surrounded by. It took me almost three years to find this place. I have been here for over thirty years now.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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that sounds lovely, what a great place to settle down.

I live in a quiet town in Utah called Heber. I like the fact that it is quiet and small. However, the people think of me as an outsider, since I just moved here a year or two ago. Other than the people, I like this town, it has a lot of space.


I live in a small city in Northern Ireland called Belfast. The thing I love most about the place are how friendly and warm the people are. We’ve have a lot of trouble with bomb alerts, parades, contentious symbols, etc, but I wouldn’t live anywhere else. It’s small enough that I can travel almost anywhere by bus, and it has everything you’d need to keep yourself occupied.

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i like the physical comfort of it and the fact that I am not totally alone.

I also like that I have a piano to practice.

also, the food is great.


I have a cousin who is living in Belfast for now. She’s out in a neighborhood by the Shipyards. She’s also a fan of the transit system there.

Another Piano player. I don’t play but the kid sis does. We just got another piano over the weekend because I killed the last one.

How long have you been playing?

a long time but never really diligently. i just enjoy it so much that i don’t do it. you know what i mean. that’s the way i am, the things i enjoy i neglect somehow.

oh well.

do you play anything in the way of instrumental music surprisedj?


I could never sit down long enough to play a song on the piano. My fingers went for guitar. I don’t like the heavy metal rock stuff though… I’m more of an blues and acoustic fan.

That’s awesome, I’m in the east of the city right now, which is more industrialised. People of different religions tend to live in different parts of the city. Crazy, I know! But that’s the way it’s always been. :smile:
I’ll be moving very soon (this week in fact) to somewhere more central and closer to my doctors/friends. The city bus network (Translink Metro) is a long-running joke with the locals. The buses are rarely on time, and sometimes don’t show up at all. I make complaints almost daily, in the vain hope that their service will improve.

Oh yes, a Catholic/Protestant polarization. She told me about that. Our family has no real religious affiliation. Seattle’s transit must be horrid by comparison because she really does think that Belfast’s is better run then here at home.

One of our bus systems is horribly named…
South Lake Union Transit… or as is painted on the side, The S.L.U.T. I just shake my head when I see those busses. Why didn’t anyone really think that through? :bus:


Oh dear, that’s terrible! I must admit I did chuckle when reading that. S.L.U.T. :blush: Our public transport network could be worse, I suppose. There are also plenty of taxis available, but they tend to be expensive.
I’m not religious at all, so I don’t need to tell anyone if they ask. My surname is ambigious (i.e not Catholic/Protestant sounding) so I don’t need to worry about reprisals.