How much hope do you have that things will get better


I’ve been doing a little bit better lately. I have hope that my life will get better. I just know it will take some time.


There are ups and downs to life. Right now I am hopeful things will get better and I am working on my recovery.


some days i have no hope, other days i have a lot of hope. it depends. up and down.

i want to get a job and maybe get back into school and make something of myself. i think about suicide almost everyday, but i know i don’t have the courage to do it.


I always think never say never…


I never stop hoping things will get better. I still pick up all those abandoned pennies on the ground. It’s buena suerte.


I hold onto my hope very tightly these days. There were times when that was all I had keeping me going. Things have gotten better.

Lately though, something has been happening and I’m just not feeling as anchored and lucid as I have been in the very recent past. I know there is a lot of stress flying around the family right now that just has to be ridden out. But I’m just not feeling right. But I still have hope that my life will continue on the path it’s on and that today will be better then yesterday and tomorrow will be better then today.