Poll for you all

Do you feel hopeful?
Yes or no

Most days I hate living. 80 %

Most days I love life 20 %

So I suppose that’s all I need for hope

I did til they bailed on me at the hospital. Born in supposed to be this way another who knows how long.

I’m same
Sometimes I feel I’m making progress and feel well but that can change and I become unwell again
My illnesses is liveable with but I long to be fully functional
Right now I’m not greatly hopeful

I’m just so tired the whole time ffs.

I lack something, maybe b12

I’m hopeful.

We all have times when we’re down,

Those are few for me, even when my symptoms are out of control.

Its worth mentioning that I don’t suffer a lot of the negative symptoms a lot of people do.

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I try to stay positive. I’ve played a lot of tennis and whether you win or lose the point, you have to be fully focused and relaxed for the next point. If you dwell on the past point you’ll me more likely to lose the next.

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I am hopeful about my ability to stay well and cope.

no. things get worse…

I am always happy and hopeful.
My goal is to be alive, and I am meeting my goal.