What do you guys do when it feels like your creativity has been robbed from you?

I have been switched to a different medicine 2 weeks ago…roughly.
I’m having issues with creativity and drawing in general since being off Vraylar, and hoping the longer I’m on Aripiprazole, that it’ll come back.
For now though, how do you all handle that? It bothers me that I feel like I can’t draw like I used to.


I will either force myself to be creative and not judge it no matter how bad it is. Or I will distract myself with reading or some other activity.

It’ll come back though so no worries!

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I lack the creativity needed to elaborate a solution. :slight_smile:

That’s a good way of thinking, I’m trying to tell myself I don’t have to do anything extravagant for art, though it’s difficult to get that mindset in.

Thanks for the advice and positive commentary, I’m gonna try to not force it too hard then and be patient with the process.


Hah, aw I’m sorry, maybe it’ll come to you later.

Aripiprazole takes away all my motivation to do things and makes me more stupid. As for creativity, that has not existed since 2015 when I developed this godforsaken disease.

You shouldn’t romanticize mental illness, assuming it makes you more creative or helps you think outside the box. Maybe your symptoms do that, my symptoms of poverty of thought and emotional blunting and amotivation rob me of personality and motivation. Basically I am a husk or like a molted exoskeleton of my pre schizophrenia self.

If schizophrenia doesn’t rob you of everything you value about yourself you can be sure a heavy dopamine hitting medication will. I’m not talking out against medication, stay on your medication! There are just some abilities you have to be willing to lose or give up for the sake of stability.


I knew a case worker who believed people with sz were more creative. I think she was just in love with people who had bizzare delusions

Typical antipsychotics do that to me in my writing. I feel like being put on Haldol robbed me of about twenty years of creativity.

I crank up the music and sketch random designs and try to find meaning behind them lol true story ive done this so much I can draw with either hand now

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When I have no inspiration or creativity, I just practice.
I draw/paint random objects, or fill a whole sheet up of practicing flowers, or maybe faces or body parts.
It’s actually helpful, because when your creativity comes back, you’re skills have improved, and it’s more fun.

I am not creative anymore. I am just drowsy & useless. I am used to it.

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