What do you feel about bullying?

I got bullied back in elementary by this crazy kid who always got in trouble. He sat behind me on the bus and one time he bumped his bmx rider pegs on my head. It hurt, I was cool with the situation, it didn’t effect me none. When I was little older an overgrown kid who was big as hell for his age, would hit me aggressively sometimes. I never lashed back because I thought it would do nothing. Why get on their level? Now I’m the one big enough to be bullying people. But I don’t.

Bullying sucks. 6th-10th grade were the worst years in school for me. Don’t even want to go into the details. Half way through sophomore year I had to switch schools and finally met friends some of whom I still hang out with today. Got bullied again several years ago constantly by a certain group of people. Now I have a hard time even wanting to open my mouth to say anything. I don’t completely trust anyone now. And its hard to even post on here these days. Bullying effects people forever

I know, right? But I never did anything to anyone’s food. Except there was this one time when a bartender had a problem with one of the customers I was serving. The bartender spit in her drink, and I did serve it to her. Don’t know what else I could have done really.

That guy in the restaurant definitely did not convince me of his greatness. But it did make me feel really bad to be put down like that.

People continue to bully me still today also. Always it is men who need something to crow about. Pick on the most insecure-seeming person, so they will have someone to be better than.

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It’s sad that people do it into their adult life. Grow up, damnit!

it’s funny i am over 6ft , but because i am quiet and rarely talk to people they think i am being rude, alot of people have bullied me , called me names, picked on me.
i have always let it slide, my wife says if i hit some one i would kill them.
putting a wheel on a car ( i worked in the forecourt of a petrol station ) i took the nuts of a car tyre because it felt loose , i kept on tightening it.
so i control myself .
take care

Maybe by about 37 they seem to grow out of it.

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i wasnt really bullied, i got into fights and that normally sorted things out

but i was always neutral about that, if people were doing it i didnt see it

i think people were scared of me (the bullies i mean)

i went quiet around 15+ tho and people took advantage of that i think.

I was bullied severally in school, that’s probably why i don’t trust people very much

Just remember that what people say is usually a reflection of themselves rather than any fact they think they know.

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My quandary is more about me than them. I don’t know about you guys… But for me, I’m angry at myself for taking them so seriously. It stuck me in a rut I couldn’t get out of, only because I let it. And my anger at bullies is really an anger at myself.

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Thanks for your encouragement. :smiley:

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I get bullied by the voices everyday. Sometimes they’ll b infrequent for months and then omnipresent for months after that. Sometimes they r nice but it’s usually to try and get me to believe in something that is blatantly untrue, like erotomania or some new fangled conspiracy theory. Melanie brown once told me that she was god parent to one of my future children…I lolled at that one. Can’t stand the silly cow!..they econ bullying and nice mode at the moment. Nice stuff is complete bollocks, nasty stuff partially true. Just as well I’m not really telepathic or I’d have the lot of them killed just for being here lol. I hate voices!

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I wouldn’t say bullied, but I’m treated poorly by a manager at my work. He knows a little bit about me and my illness. Enough to surround me with cranberry products and sing the infamous song “Zombies”, all in passing. Nothing I can do about it - his superiors would chalk anything I say up to voices in my head.

Some “friends” thought it would be funny to try to play with my delusions while I was untreated. I couldn’t report it as group stalking because it was just words coming out of their mouths. I’ve socialized with many psychopaths in my life, so when I finally got my reality check (thanks abilify!) and realized what these sick fools were doing, I didn’t care so much. I put them in the same category as serial killers. Anyone lacking empathy has a problem with their soul.

I have been annoyed about how much attention has been paid to the victims.

What I mean is that very little attention is being paid concerning the bullies themselves, thus prevention is not a big topic. Attention should be applied to both, and both equally.

If a car keeps breaking down you don’t focus just upon the person who is now without a car and how this is affecting the person. I would bet my bottom dollar that the car would be sent to be repaired rather than let the problem continue onward.

wow we have a lot of posts here. There are a lot of different experiences with this. Perhaps some people want to be controversial but I have heard people convinced that some amount of bullying makes a person stronger.

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