What do you do when you can't sleep at night?

I never stay in bed in the darkness tossing and turing which makes me feel even worse…
So I put the lights on.
Most of the time I read… or serf the net… listen to music…
Once or twice a month there’re nights I can’t sleep.
But it’s not as hard as it used to be.
I even feel a little lucky that I have extra time for doing something.

I try not to eat during the nights.
But I sometimes eat something light.

And when the sun starts to rise, I go for a walk for about 30 min.
Then I take a shower and change clothes and then I sleep if I can.

This is the usual course I take and it’s not that bad.

go for a walk…

try and write out why I can’t sleep…

watch my fish and try a meditation or listen to classical music for a bit…
gentle music… none of the dramatic stuff…

Yes, gentle music is good…

Also I have an electric piano and it’s nice that you can play at night because you can use headphones.

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep. One thing that has given me some probably temporary help has been taking my evening med’s earlier. I used to take my med’s at 5:00 and go to bed around 7:00 and fall asleep around 9:00. The past couple of nights I’ve been taking my night med’s at 3:00 and fall asleep around 7:00.

How much seroquel do you take with Geodon at night Crimbly?

I sometimes have a hard time getting to sleep. Usually I just toss and turn so much so my partner will wake up and yell at me. Then I try to lie still for as long as possible.

Smoke or eat.


Get some exercise so I feel less stressed and restless.

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i talk to my alien(s)
look at the stars :stars:
take care :alien:

I do toss and turn in the darkness and read on my phone. I share a room with my daughter at the moment, so I can’t turn the light on and wander around the room…or the house… and disturb my aunt and uncle. I feel trapped when I can sleep. Living with relatives is no fun.

I take 400 mg Seroquel every morning and every night. I take 80 mg Geodon morning and night.

To bed at 10 . Still awake at gone 2 . Mind seems to fight sleep at night. Then I end up playing catch up during the day when I have no difficulty getting off for a couple of hours.

Totally get you about living with relatives.
In those moments phone was my only friend my lover my guardian angel o.O :heart_decoration:

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But yeah… I tried everything to sleep at least four hours in a row.
I drank chamomile tea with honey, I ate bananas, I put some lavender under my pillow…finally not even sleeping pills could guarantee some rest. Despite what some folks here say, ‘exercising’ won’t put you to sleep mode, quite contrary…
Now I stopped making much fuss about it.
If I can’t sleep, so it be.


zyprexa makes me sleep, without it i can’t sleep.

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If just laying still and pretending to sleep for what I think should be an hour doesn’t make me fall asleep, I get up and tackle my most hated, life sucking chore I’ve yet to finish in over 12 years now.

Some call it “organizing”, and,
I used to love to put things back in their “home/spot”, but now, everything looks as if it had gone through a hurricane, or a blender set to Puree. Nothing in there makes sense, nothing stays where it’s put, and no matter how hard I try, Nothing progresses in the forward direction.

Every time I open that door, I start all over, back to square one.

With in minutes, the mess makes my eyelids heavy and my thought process shut completely down.
I’m afraid to lay down in there, because I’d probably never wake back up.

I take my dog for a walk.

Hot shower and take another seroquel