Can't sleep tonight

At eight thirty I was exhausted and went to bed. At 10:40 I woke up with the terrible need to pray the rosary, I was only half awake but by the time I finished it I was totally awake. Turned on the t.v. Found out that Robin Williams killed himself tonight. Tried camomile tea- nothing. Tried an Epsom and lavender bath- nothing. Turned off the lights and t.v. Still not tired. By now my regular insomnia has kicked in and I am up for the day. Anyone got some suggestions.


when i can’t sleep i just accept it and try and do something until i get tired again like make tea and listen to records or surf the inter web, you will get tired eventually and you will have to sleep. its not something that can be forced because if you are awake then you are awake, it was a good idea having a nice bath tho, i wish i could have one but i don’t have a bathtub lol.

Don’t get anxious about it, just accept it like daydreamer said. Taking some vitamin D or B complex will help your sleep. I take seroquel every night before bed , though. Seroquel is highly sedating.

I take Geodon klonopin Topomax and lamictal which are all sedating up here I am. Thanks guys guess I will sleep when sleep gets here hopefully not during my appointment today.

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