What things do you do on a normal day, anything productive?

I just sit around smoke and drink caffine, I go fishing on my weekends though. I have a ged, and plan to further my education, I’m enrolled in a community college ( have not taken classes yet) looking to get my liscence now. I’m more looking at like a 3year plan to become independent. i ask this question to myself, and I realize I’m not doing much of anything productive lately in my own perspective. So what is a normal day like for you, and what are your plans/goals for the future or productive things you do throughout the day?

I usually paint or draw or make music on the piano :slight_smile: Oooooh, and baking! If I have the energy though.

Whenever I need to do things such as shave or…ahem…bathe…I’m happy when I can do those things and get them out of the way. Apart from that I have been gaming alot recently. I also surf the internet, listen to music, smoke…that’s about it. Oh yeah, at least I do my laundry, but that takes time. It usually piles up…

mown and grown able my existences. do meaning less house chores, and so on.

I often go to the my social center and play soft and happy music amidst the crowd there. Most seem to appreciate my playing. On Mondays i give a lesson there and once a month i bring an open mic

I also often feel unproductive