What do you think caused your illness?

for me it was probably worry about school exams as well as poverty and maybe a brief encounter with some hashish but that cannot be proven, i dont think smoking helped anyway also pressure at work intensified it to the point where i had a breakdown.

what about you?

I think it was just in the cards, there was always a lingering something wrong with me. I just remember being so WEIRD when I was 11. The stuff I would talk about, even adults would cringe and wonder. Even my parents couldn’t explain away what I was doing and how I was acting and just how far out of my head I was.

Genetic predisposition. There is a history of mental illness in my family tree.

Partially genetics; my mom has severe anxiety and my dad has anger management issues, and partially the trauma of moving to a new country at young age. I was thrown into school knowing absolutely no English and since I had no friends I think my brain decided to formulate “imaginary” ones for me. That was also the year I started having panic attacks and other symptoms, such as repetitive motions and mumbling to myself. That’s my hypothesis anyway.

I think i always had issues from a young age but what pushed it to an illness was being bullied as a teenager/teased pre teens and a rather dysfunctional family environment.

my father was a depressed “kill the whole family” type. I never had the chance to invest any time into myself. I never felt safe. I guess you could call it genetic.

I had a handful of disorders as a teen and I had some schizotypal stuff. I smoked a bunch of pot for a year and i was schizophrenic after that. It was also due to stress, my dad was demoted and I couldnt go away for college and I was failing a class and some other stuff happened too. I think it was a perfect storm, especially with the pot. I was always not right in the head, i had severe OCD, anorexia, depression, to name a few of my previous disorders.

Is it because pot causes illness, or because predisposed schizophrenics smoke pot? I smoked a lot but I know pot didn’t do it for me. My breakdown can be described scientifically as what it felt like ’ a circuit collapsing in my brain '. And if scientists knew exactly the process of a transitioning schizophrenic from well to ill, it has to be some degradation in the mind. Some happens gradually over time. Mine did too but I can remember the exact moment I turned. Like I was bit by a SZ zombie I just turned. I noticed that social faculties was the first thing I had trouble with. Then developed delusion and psychosis later. I had to ride a 13 hour plane trip back home completely psychotic, I made it though. Something in my right mind was hanging on. I wish we find the answer to this schizophrenia we all have. The answer would be priceless.


sexual abuse, i think that pretty much did my head in, and switched on the sz light, which has been burning brightly ever since !
take care

You are born with the faulty genes that predisposes you to sz. Triggers like extreme stress, drugs, death, abuse can trigger you into wonderland - sz. I showed symptoms as a child, but during my college years (didn’t graduate) I experimented with pot a few times. One night at a party, I took a Mescaline tab or Acid - It was given to me.
I basically tripped for 2 days straight. The drugs did not cause my sz/sza they triggered me into the illness completely or fully. I don’t blame the drugs, I blame faulty genes and brain.

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me it was either the years of bullying as a kid, or the smoking pot that finally triggered it…

I have a genetic predisposition as well. Add to that: traumatic death of my mother after watching her suffer a slow painful death that I didn’t see coming from age 8-15, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, paranoia, anxiety, drinking, drugs, and the straw to break the camel’s back? 2cb. I tried to do LSD because it has had positive and calming effects on me in the past and lifted depression, but they gave me the experimental drug 2cb instead and it was like some light went on in my head and never went out. My sister thinks my sz is just a huge flashback from that but she doesn’t get that its a whole other level. And seeing that I was with four other people who did the same stuff and I was the only one that “went mental” and stayed that way ever since, I know and my Dr knows I have sz.
After that night I never thought the same again. I had a brain melt down. I kept asking ppl why they were hiding the truth from me and what did they really mean when they said that etc and they’d try to humor me because they were my friends but after years of acting like that no wonder they are hesitant to see me. Good thing I’ve learned how to wear a mask and act “normal” in public.
I am very hesitant to post this as my voices and delusions are telling me it will only lead to more secrecy and no one will tell me the truth and it is going to end poorly while I again become alienated. Well here we go, if anyone in the world could be able to understand it should be you guys!

I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me.

Probably marijuana triggered it. If i had stay away from it maybe i would go another 10yrs. Because i remember when one time i smoked pod the high seems to last for 3 days but i wasn’t realizing that i am developing mental illness.

I have no clue. I don’t know why it happened.

I agree that the things we’ve done or gone through, are merely triggers to sz that will inevitably arrive

a genetic predisposition and many violations against me by the U.S. intelligence community

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I was born this way. Only because of some very cruel behavior towards me did my “unusual” behavior come to light in the eyes of authority.
I flew under the radar most my life, and still don’t think I’m all that strange.

Im fairly sure it’s spirits, they can do so much and have shown me some.

Ill make a symptoms post on why i think it is at the very least not a disease at all.

I think its luck we have SZ. You know? Circumstance, chance. Just the way other people have other unfortunate illnesses. Just the way some people are poor and struggling and some people are rich and fortunate.