What do you all think about Sinead O Connor?


As I’m fond of saying

“The more help you need, the less you get
The less help you need, the more you get”


I have always liked her.


Wow. That was powerful.

I’m really at a loss for words.

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It seems to me like she has lacked the knowledge to surround herself with good friends or partners, caring and devoted people who will stick with you no matter what…
I am fortunate enough to have by my side a handful of good people, whose support is what keeps me alive. I cannot cry like Sinead, I couldn’t make a video this powerful, but I am indeed one of the millions who need acceptance and unconditional support.

Be blessed Sinead, I hope you find peace in this world.


God bless her. god bless us all


My hearing is so bad that I can’t understand a word she is saying. What exactly is wrong with her?

She has bipolar disorder. She is in a depressed phase.

Sinead’s theme seemed to be support, or lack thereof. After I returned from the navy I didn’t have support, so I lived in a group home to avoid being homeless as I waited for my compensation claim to work its way through the labyrinth that is the Veterans Administration. After winning my claim I suddenly had support, and access to physicians and medications.

There are people with schizophrenia who claim to have been their own cure, but they all too often conveniently omit the fact that they had support, and access to physicians and medications.

I hope Sinead’s family stops invalidating her feelings and she’s able to get the support she desperately needs.

That was very powerful and i really can relate. I only could watch 2 mins though it’s really emotional. I hope she’s ok.

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Did this by any chance seem to manifest in sinead around the time she ripped up that picture of the then pope on national television in the nineties?

Could be some kind of correlation there but i’m not actually sure.

The monk first shaved his head to keep the flies away and the other blood suckers as well, then they all knew about the fact that some had been collecting hair strands wherever they went because you could triangulate positions and control people in various manners with the information of the person found in the strands.

And of course the hairs are connected into the top of the head like antennas yes?

So a shaved headed woman rips up a pic of the pope on snl in the nineties with millions upon millions watching and ends up living in a travel lodge after being a millionaire and successful musician and is discredited due to mental illness.

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'Hell, I realized that 30 years ago. I thought I invented that saying.

I also realize that the most normal (non-mentally ill) people in public have everybody trying to help them and support them. If you don’t believe me, just think about it.

When I was in my twenties, confused and trying to be like everyone else, no one cared. It was all the normal, blond haired, square-jawed, twenty-thirty year olds, strong, good looking guys in public or driving around who got all the help, attention, and approval. I was doing everything thing they were doing, I was striving just like them but they always got help so they could win.

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I wish I could go to New Jersey and help her…so sad…she was such a great talent. I feel so bad for her.


I truly hope she finds the help she needs and the peace and contentment she deserves.

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You have so much compassion, @jukebox :heart:


I hope she gets the help she deserves. She’s very brave for admitting she has problems. I love her reggae album, Throw Down Your Arms. It has a lot of classic reggae songs that she sings quite beautifully.

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Does she have sz or depression or something? Her behaivor seems like she may have depression. She said she had 3 MI though.

She has bipolar, ptsd, and i’m not sure about the third :I

I always like her


I think she is a courageous and brave woman for speaking up on so many important issues, especially the historical Irish situation. This is no different.

Mental illness is not an easy subject to tackle by any means but it has to be done! Here, she is showing the very real human side of depression behind the black and white diagnosis on a simple piece of paper. I love her and all she has accomplished :heartpulse: :v: