What do you all do about your breathing?

i use to have really bad problems with this, it is better now but i am not sure why, i know i changed med but idk if its that,

i am only asking bc my friend doesnt take meds and hasnt got sz but her breathing is bad, i told her it was anxiety and she should try and calm down but we all know how hard that can be, breathing exercises might not work, idk its just hard to know what to say to her.

I do it daily…!!!

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does it help? does it help you breath better?

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its helping me a lot @asgoodasitgets i do it daily for 30 min …along with other active meditation…
i want to tell u one straight thing different people have different views and experience …
Some say it made them further panicking and anxious …!!! some say it has improved their health so it’s worth a try …!!!
i am also on trial and error phase…u should take a pdoc route before starting it…!!!
Get a good therapists ask him how to do it correctly see progress then continue…!!!
Best of luck for U…!!! :om_symbol: