Breathing issues

I have issues with breathing now. I gasp for air, become faint and dizzy, my ears ring.

Feel like at 32 and I’m already dying of everything. My lungs/heart/blood.

what can I do to increase my health other than exercise? I have lost interest in many things that used to make me happy, I feel in an Abilify fog now. Because they injected me with a two-months worth supply of it and not really something I wanted. I was hospitalized against my consent, or under threat of being certified–so technically voluntarily involuntary committed. I am not healthy with the meds I’m on, or any of my aftercare–because I have no aftercare. Just a bunch of pills to take and no idea what else to do.

My mom isn’t being supportive, she’s in denial. She wont take her haldol anymore and it stopped working anyways. She thinks I should be like her, and is pushing her anti-psychiatry narrative on me and anti-establishment craziness. I told her I almost died because I missed a dose of medication. She doesn’t care, because she’s not her right now, she’s a complete stranger…but let her watch two and a half men in fantasyland.

I cant find anything worth holding onto. I just feel like I’m dying, and I dont want to die.


You have to report that to your doctor as soon as possible @MadPride


@MadPride Most likely you are trying to do rigorous physical activity in which your body cannot withstand. You should really start slow first and then incrementally increase duration and intensity. Day by day, week by week.

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I also take abilify. I prefer the pills to injection depot. This way I can easily adjust the dosage. When stressed out and a break looms I increase to 15mg. Otherwise I go down to 10mg a day and it’s enough. I never miss a dose, I am careful.

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I would talk to your GP asap.

I had some breathing issues a while ago and they werent able to work out why but they did lots of tests etc.


I would bring it up with a doctor and see if they could help you @MadPride.

yea like the others said, bring it up with your GP doc.

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Yeah, you need to get your breathing checked. Also report the issues to your pdoc. Can you have your mom involuntarily committed so she can get back into treatment and into her right mind?

I think you need to work on getting out of your home sometimes. It’s really hard to feel good or have energy if there’s no one to share life with

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See a Dr and tell him your symptoms.

I know but I am too trusting of people, and each time I do this I end up getting hurt…so in part I am self-isolating, but I also dont have easy access to any community or social support. I’m thinking of moving to the city, where I can walk to work or something…I’m thinking of dropping out of my online class, I have no ability to concentrate.

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I talk to doctors endlessly, they don’t have solutions other than prescriptions. They aren’t therapists. And honestly if I could heal my trauma and illness would prefer it over a pill. I would like to do EMDR or philosophy type therapy, anything to escape this void of dependancy.

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Dont these help you?

Can you join a club? Or a bowling league or something? You can be around people that way, but you can also take time getting to know them and see if they’re worthy of your trust.

Plus, you can hang out with people but keep the personal stuff to yourself until you really know them.

Like my brother keeps encouraging me to exercise. And I know I need to. But its making me feel like a failure and he keeps pushing it when we talk on the phone. I just need a break from the world, I spent hours on the phone trying to make sense of my insurance about a possible residential treatment place, or assisted living, I was denied SSI and I cant work right now…Im at a loss. I just waste away in this house alone. It’s been years now since I moved home and I feel like I’ve never moved out, like I’m just doomed to live here forever.

I would get a therapist who is also a social worker. Look for MSW after their name. They might be able to help you navigate getting the care you need.

In Michigan, there is a county public mental health facility I go to that helps people navigate all that. That’s what I do. Maybe there’s a place like that where you live.

Look for a mental health facility that takes Medicaid. There, you can get a case manager who can help you.

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I’m doing better now than before possibly. But trauma does things to the mind/body. So I am just trying to recover from what led me to the hospital. Sorry I hate to be a pain. I am on an inhaler now though so that should help with the breathing attacks.

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