What do the health professionals in your county prescribe as a prn (as required med)

In the U.K. if they need to pacify you in a voluntary way they often give you 1mg haldol + 1mg Ativan.

I get Haldol, Olanzapine shot if I refuse and diazepam, levomepromazine and Lorizepam

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My pdoc prescribed Diazepam for me. I take only half of a 5mg as needed.

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What is the shot like? Is it fast acting?

Here, they do ativan, haldol, and benadryl. They call it a b52


That sounds like sedation city!

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It’s scary

The first time they gave it to me as inpatient, I ended up coming to in a forensic ward. When I got back to the open ward they told me I had thrown an armchair through a window and tackled a group of police officers and nurses

Basically it just completely knocks me out and I have no real memory for several hours.

I personally think after what happened the first time it’s a dangerous thing to do.

I was very psychotic, and losing complete reality and being sedated like that just is not a good mix.

It’s regrettable, but unfortunately this illness does these things to us when we first get ill and after for some time


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Seroquel and Olanzapine.

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Man that sounds intense. Glad those days are in the past for you though

Thanks @Jimbob

I hated being forcefully medicated.

You see all these people in the States reach the news for dying whilst being restrained like that and it’s scary.

I hope to keep my ■■■■ from now on.

I have dealt with psychosis in one form or another since I was 17, so I am experienced enough to work through things mostly.

It’s what bothers me about the newly diagnosed who come here - you really have to be on the journey to really get well and know what that means - but it seems so hard to put into words how to get better

Ativan is very common in my country.

Yeah I was shot up with a heavy dose of Ativan and another unknown drug in the psych hospital.
I was hallucinating from it.

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They swapped out my chlorpromazine for haldol this year. That stuff knocks me flat on my arse. I even look at the bottle and I’m tired. @ThePlagueDoctor was taking a dose that would put me into a coma. Must be nice to have Kryptonian genetics.

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My county treatment facility doesn’t give prn’s. We have to only take one AP at a time and no benzos are prescribed either. So if one med isn’t working they either give a higher dose or they change the med.

My grandmother gets hallucinations from Ativan too.

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In hospital I was either given Ativan or Valium if I needed sedation

Idk what they gave me in the hospital, I can’t even remember even if they told me, I have no memory while psychotic. When I was violent they gave me a couple of pills that made me sleep.

Why bother with sedatives

Anyway they were either gonna give me a shot but I calmed down so they just offered a liquid sedative which I didn’t take, got out of the situation unmedicated thankfully

in my country they mostly use clopixol acutar to calm people down. acutar is an injection that only has to be given every 3 days so that the patient don’t has to be forced to get an injection every day.

The first time they wanted to calm me down they gave me 5mg of olanzapine and 2mg of lorazepam. Then they strapped me down to a gurney and transported me to a mental hospital in an ambulance.