What do spoons mean to you?

I am trying to figure out what is with all the spoons.

For me they mean I can always have soup. They are useful. Do they mean security? Do they stave off hunger? Do they represent security?

Do they mean escape like the Count of monte cristo? (Edmund dug through the wall with a spoon)

My sis has shoe boxes and shoe boxes filled with spoons. They aren’t travel or collector spoons or baby spoons. They are just spoons from restaurants and cafes. She has been nicking spoons for years it looks like. What would someone do with 25 pounds of spoons?

What do spoons mean to you?

Thinking on it more, I think for me they do mean nourishment and soothing. A cool spoon on a tired eye feels really good.


those sound like trophies, you take a spoon as a reward idk lol, ask her

They mean a game called SPOON we played with them as kids. And the oatmeal I’m not allowed to eat anymore. How about those flat little wooden spoons they gave us with our ice cream at school. They wouldn’t hold much on them, but the friction from the wet wood helped to keep the ice cream from sliding off.

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She says she likes the shiny. But then why so many and why only spoons? I know she likes Spoonman, but she doesn’t know how to play spoons.

This guy still performs for free on the curb as well as in clubs.

Every hospital I’ve been to uses those little wooden suckers.

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“There is no spoon” - I think this Zen philosophy heard best through The Matrix.


Spoons are jewelry, name plates, the base for whatever else is found on the ground to solder it to.
Take a spoon, cut the bowl off the handle and hammer it flat with a slightly rounded chasing hammer on a steel bench.
Hammer until the anger’s out.

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pudding time!..

Lol I have heard about girls stealing silverware from restaurants. I can’t remember who mentioned that to me, but I have heard the exact same thing and it made me laugh!

I think normies do “crazy” stuff like this more than you would imagine. I really do wonder what stealing spoons from every restaurant means to her. As a psych major, I am stumped as to her exact motivation. I feel like there is some special significance or else she wouldnt do it…


I HATE those little flat wooden spoons! They are too dry, they make me gag. Like when a doctor puts a tongue depressor in my mouth.

That’s pretty funny. When I was in my teens I had about 15 or 16 different jobs. I made a point of taking (stealing :frowning:) a ‘souvenir’ from each job. So I took 2 expensive chefs knives from my very first job as a dishwasher/cook. I had shirts from my job at a gas station, a hat from another gas station. Sometimes I could only get matchbooks or pens. Or a couple plastic buckets.

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Spoons make me think of heroin first. Ive had roommates and relatives my whole life and finding stashes of bent black spoons in bags, under mattresses etc was a random surprise. Then I think of cold days and hot delicious soup. Very comforting. Mmmm. You know come to think of it I had a friend in high school and when we went on a field trip to the coast we each took a spoon from the restaurant. I had that spoon for a long time it always made me smile when I found it. That’s my two cents. I have like a million crystals that I’ve collected while walking around finding them. I just wash em and put them in my fishtanks now that I have them, before they were just sitting in a box. Maybe she thinks they’re pretty. I had a favorite spoon from my childhood it was small and coated in rubber I used it until I was like ten. It always reminded me of being in the highchair or the thing that attached to the counter being fed mush. Ok done rambling for now :slight_smile:

for me it is alice in wonderland my all time favorite movie , and the march hare saying "SPOON ! ", i love that guy , maybe because i think that is me !
take care

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Hey, that’s actually a good idea. For the past month I’ve been meaning to buy three teaspoons. So next time I go out to eat at a restaurant…I broke a plate and a bowl too and I need new ones, thank Kid-Sister for the tip. Lol.

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A painting comes to mind of an angel emptying out the sea with a spoon. He’s got a look on his face like… “oh boy what a job”…

Displacement? Why would you use a tea spoon to empty out the sea? Why not use a bucket?

And whats a tea spoon got to do with building things, if thats why you’re emptying out the sea? I thought tea spoons were for eating.

That angel has in his heart and in his soul so many things he’s good at… and here he is. Tasked with an impossible task… for likely an eternity.

I don’t think that angel realizes that he’s emptying out the sea for any other reason than a painting. Gawd told him what to do… gave him a spoon to do it. And he’s obeying… He’s doing what he’s told. And he’s doing it because, even with a spoon, he thinks to himself: “Gawd wants all the water gone.” But gawd doesn’t want all the water gone. If he did he’d give him a bucket. He only wanted the angel to take all the water out with a spoon so he could prove a point of some kind… a point nobody understands… and he’s working for nothing. And the devil’s watching… rubbing his hands together. Going: “Oooo… a soon to be 'nother bonefied member. Come work for me. Have a purpose…”