Does anyone have an extra spoon I could borrow?



I have a bunch of extras, Come and get it.

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i think i know some one who has some !?!
take care


the teaspoons all go away somewhere eventually but heres a dessert spoon ive got loads.


I might have a spoon quietly tucked away somewhere. :wink:

It is odd that teaspoon always seem to be the first to go. My personal favorite is long handled ice tea spoons or long handled ice cream sunday spoons.

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yeah i like the long handled spoons too me and my sisters used to fight over those cause it was like being thumberlina LOL


IKEA has really neat long handled dessert spoons. Don’t forget a plate of delicious meatballs.

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Just came back from my walk and rescued yet another lonely spoon off the pavement. Is it just me or does other people on here find them too?

I’ve never found a spoon in my whole life.

I wish spoons just came to me. It could be that since you rescue spoons, you keep a better eye out for them.

I looked up the IKEA spoons. Thank you for the tip there are so many pretty ones.

pob there a tale i like to tell about finding it up its much like the penny it goes find a spoon and pick it up and all day long yourll have a spoon.

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