Spoon theory

Here is a link to a essay about how it feels to have a disability and struggle to do things everyday, this is how I feel.


Do you feel like this? Do you think this is a good way to explain it?


I sort of feel that way, yes

"but you don’t look sick"
Do not try to bend the spoon, only try to realize the truth.
"What truth?"
There is no spoon.

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idk I just started reading this and I think people would stare if someone started just taking spoons off of tables and the management might get involved.

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Whether the story was true or not is irrelevant, what matters is the symbolism

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Alright, yeah sure lol

I more believe in the spork theory. Lol

But no seriously I feel like I run out of spoons so quickly.

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Yeah, I really do like the spoon theory. I first heard about it in the autistic online community quite a few years ago. I mentioned it here a few times as well. I think it works for many different illnesses, physical or mental.

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I remember back in the days when the forum had both diagnosed and family/caretakers posting on the same forum, there was a beautifully written post about spoons written by the sister of one of the diagnosed forum members. Neither of them are active any more on the forum, but here’s a shout out to @kidsister and @SurprisedJ. I hope they are both doing well.

Here’s a link to kidsister’s spoon post—

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