What do command hallucimations command you to do


what do they command you to do


Don’t give in. Hope you stay strong. :slightly_smiling_face:


command thoughts, Eat it!

poopy, buggers, moldy bread, etc.

drives me nuts.


to be violent to self or others… or just to open a cupboard door
i always comply
its natural for some
i feel like i have to comply like breathing after having been held underwater


I used to have a command voice who shouted jump! Whenever I was on a bridge, balcony or on the escalator. Hated it.


Just command me to do things to myself or when I’m near a bridge or to jump


Fly to random places, call the police…


Normally they try to get me to kill myself


They usually try to get me to jump out of the building, or harm myself.
I hope you are not having these hallucinations.
You got this!


They command me to run out of class, kill myself, hurt others, and hurt myself.


Mine command me to obey the ten commandments, tell me not to have sex, to be virtuous. This is a problem for me because I am lesbian. I usually always comply.


I had this exact command.


Do not comply. EVER. In my experience, command hallucinations can start off innocent, harmless, or even helpful, but they can quickly become sinister and dangerous.


Guys, listening to your command hallucinations is very dangerous. I’ve taken pills that I didn’t need and held flames to my skin for no reason other than “they told me to.” I nearly killed myself. I got dangerously close to killing members of my family, including our pets. I don’t know if I would’ve actually gone through with any of it, but I’m glad that I never had to find out.


I was commanded to escape from hospital. I tried to but a patient dragged me back inside.


if the pages i looked up were right
there isn’t a choice really
there are people who comply - compliers
and non - compliers
there are then those who can selectively comply
but basically that is how it is

CrossRef citations to date

Original Articles

Factors determining compliance with command hallucinations with violent content: the role of social rank, perceived power of the voice and voice malevolence

We have examined the nature of the cognitive processes sub-serving compliance with command hallucinations. Specifically, we investigated the interaction between self beliefs of social rank in the voice-hearer and beliefs about the voice in determining compliance with content-specific violent commands (self-harm, harm-other). Thirty-two people who heard violent command hallucinations were asked to rate their beliefs about the power and the benevolence/malevolence of the commanding voice. They also rated their perception of their own inferiority/superiority within real-life social relationships. The study reliably identified two groups of ‘compliers’ and ‘non-compliers’ sub-divided into two groups of ‘self-harm command hearers’ and ‘harm-other command hearers’. No significant differences were found between the compliers and non-compliers on beliefs about benevolence or malevolence of the voice. The complier group reported that they perceived the command voice to be significantly more powerful than the non-complier group. Further, ‘self-harm command compliers’ reported significantly higher ratings of inferiority in social relationships, whilst ‘harm-other command compliers’ reported significantly higher ratings of superiority within social relationships. The results show that beliefs about social rank have potentially important mediating effects upon complying with content-specific commands (self-harm vs harm-other). Importantly, the results have highlighted that for people in contact with psychiatric services compliance with violent command hallucinations is far more common than non-compliance. This may mirror Milgram’s (1974Milgram S 1974 Obedience to Authority New York: Harper and Row ) findings of the rarity of resistance to obedience with authority. However, these conclusions must be tentative due to the small sample size in the non-compliance conditions.


I had this but i got 80 miles away hitching and stayed away 3 days


I have both done and headed away from what the voices have told me to do sometimes I ended up following the voices cause they are telling me what function I should do next do to the spiciness of my head in episodes.

But then comes the ones that tell me to die or self-harm. I have followed the self-harm one a couple of times. The ones that wish me death to join so I might do some more reckless things but in better mind, I have been able to not follow it.


They command me to do stupid things. Plain and simple.


When I have command hallucinations it’s either to say something really inappropriate or kill someone. Usually if I’m getting command hallucinations to kill someone it’s a sign my meds aren’t right, though.