What do command hallucimations command you to do

I haven’t had command hallucinations in a while now. But it’s usually just. Pick that up. Move over there. Stare at that, etc.

Since on meds I haven’t had command hallucinations. They told me to do all sorts of stuff like what to say when to say it to walk around in circles for days in a row. By the end of it they were telling me to kill myself and even to kill my family. When they told me what to say and when I would and I walked around for hours for months cuz they told me too. They almost convinced me that I had to kill myself until I had another voice telling me that if I could get thrown in jail fast enough I wouldn’t have to kill myself so I called the police and asked them to arrest me and ended up in a mental hospital after they sent me to the school psychologist. After that the voices started just telling me to kill myself mostly but once they told me to kill my family and I was horrified. Around that time the meds starting kicking in. Years later while on meds I started hearing voices again for like a week and it was Bible passages. I quickly upped the dosage and stopped hearing them within a week. It started out minor and just got worse and worse and worse

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i wish i could hear more bible passages.
they tell me to do what i know better


I suspected at the time it was just to drag me into psychosis though and that later it would morph into something more sinister so I upped the dosage. Hearing bible passages was nice but if I’m not hearing voices I can just read the Bible on my own time and be able to concentrate at the same time

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So basically people comply, don’t comply, or sometimes comply?

That kind of sounds like choice lol

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