What did you do today fellas?

I woke up at 7…Got to class at 830-10. Then I did homework for my next class that I had to do. I went to the student cafeteria and ordered a sausage egg and cheese…I dropped it. I made a joke to 3 African-American students who witnessed it, I said “5 second rule???” and they laughed. Made me feel good. So then these two black girls at the register gave me another one for free. I tipped them $2 for being kind. Then I went to my other class which went well. Then I drove to Bank of america and replaced my debit card which I lost. Went to the dentist. Called up registered for IOP which my intake is Friday. Called up my apartment manager and scheduled an inspection. Guy I was supposed to have coffee with cancelled. Then I took a much needed nap. Got chinese food. Made the chinese food guy laugh. That felt good too. Now I’m headed to AA. Phew what a stressful but productive and good day.


congratulations… you did get a lot done. Glad it went well for you

Woke up at 5:00 a.m. that’s when my sister get’s up for her job… she made me breakfast… ate it on the beach watching the sun rise. Walked and got mentally ready for the day…

Went to work for a half day… some of the stuff the crew had planned has to get rescheduled… there is a HUGE teacher strike happening with Seattle Public Schools so Day camps and rec centers are extending their summer programs… Gotta give the kids something safe to do during the day…

So my crew’s job of cleaning and closing up / winterizing some of the out door park buildings and stuff has to wait… They are still in use… that gave me a half day.

Came home… had a nap… had some lunch with my sis…

Later… I’ll be going to my college class (soil chemistry) Already checked into my on-line class… botany. My sis is going to her class. My gf is working late… so later when we’re all home… since it’s so warm out…

It’s most likely dinner on the beach watching the sunset.


Today I have… been asleep.


I did laundry and hung it out, then went to store, and cooked a mexi-dish of Spanish rice, ground beef, black beans, corn from the cob, and tomatoes with melted American cheese. My daughter loved it. We ate outside on our deck. Then I talked with her a lot, and then read her memory book from this summer’s camp. They said some amazing things about her, made me tear up. Then went to museum, walked along the river, (we did I’m going down the river with Huck Finn and I’m bringing…) was sort of whistled at by two black guys sitting there (my daughter is very beautiful) made it home to cook again, and now, ready to just settle in for the evening. Thanks for reading this, guys.

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I drove a car (that took 8 years for me to get the license for) to college, for my one class. I’m taking two classes but so far I’ve only studied for one. I spent two hours in class and three hours studying today. Then I drove back home. Talked to my dad for a little bit, and then went on here. my brother is asleep and my mom is out right now. My sister I usually can’t talk to until later. It’s a hundred degrees here! I had to walk twenty minutes in the sun to and from campus in the heat, because there is so little parking on campus that I have to park off campus, usually at the mall nearby.

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Today I haven’t done much really other than watch the baseball game. I don’t have the motivation to do anything

Listened to trance music and smoked cigarettes. Hoping my motivation increases tomorrow. I want to read a particular book.

Cool TTP, sounds like a nice day you had.

As for me I woke up early, did some stationary bike and showered, then spent time on my laptop until I had to go to class. We were learning the ropes of 3D art but the teacher had a problem with his computer so he told us to draw a sci-fi crate on paper. I had prior knowledge of the software so I modeled the crate directly in 3DS Max. Here is the result:

I then walked home and here I am! :sweat_smile:


I woke up at 8, helped my Dad find his damn keys, then went back to bed for a few hours. Then therapy. That went well, I have a great therapist. We just laugh / talk about my issues etc.

Fast forward to around 3 when I watch Oculus, a horror movie. Great movie terrible ending. I went into ninja mode around my house after that, because like most horror movies it took place in a house. Gotta watch my 6.

Then my sister came over to watch the end of the movie. Went to McDonalds. Then at home my toilet overflowed so there was that too. Not much else until now, got an A on my quiz for school. Have gotten straight As since April 2014 (i should mention that I’ve only taken two classes since then :stuck_out_tongue: )… now just listening to music while lurking on the forums.

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Well got that windows 10 upgrade fiasco all sorted out… been looking at ways to improve the experience…

I use google chrome… which seems pretty advantageous still.

Was looking over the options for file browsers… found one that looks supreme. the 64bit version requires a 2$ donation… paypal is a bitch… for some reason it won’t let me just use my card like with most paypal transactions… I try to add my card to the account… then it tells me my account is limited… like they want me to link a bank account and what not… .so ■■■■ that…

Installed visual basic on my computers… did some homework on learning about directx 12 and .net framework… pretty cool stuff. I just need an idea to work towards and I’m ready to start coding a bit.

I had stayed up way too long yesterday… when I went to go to sleep my mind was all over the place… different states of consciousness and full swings between various facets of psychosis… I was kind of worried. Never really lost insight… things were just haywire… I did fall asleep though. things are better now.

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Do you code? I used to be into Python and PHP, and some HTML/CSS/Javascript . I also made my Dad’s 3d design computer.

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Nice… I used to mess around in c++/c

I’ve kind of done an evaluation of a lot of languages. I think C is where its at.

Never really did any scripting. ■■■■ web design…

Good on you for taking on the challenge of PHP. I don’t do networking stuff.

Nice!!! looks like it’d fit right into windwaker

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Yeah I didn’t really get serious about anything, just kind of messed around with stuff for a few months back when I was 14 or 15.

PHP is fun. MySQL isn’t though. they sort of require each other.

web design can be very boring. i dont like it either.

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coding sucks 90% of the time…

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Not too bad. Managed to get up at 9am, took the kid to his friend’s house and survived two hours there. Dropped him at the school, even made a good lunch ( by my standards)… Did some school work, not even close enough though, and now chilling at the pool. All dressed up, so it’s really fun.
Oh I even managed to argue with my mom. We exchanged few harsh words. So…successful day all in all. :blossom:

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I’m doing anonymous things :see_no_evil:

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Secret mafia business :smoking:

  • 09AM - woke up.
  • 10AM - breakfast (oats w/ chocolate syrup + small bowl of leftover pasta (BBQ sauce w/ bread crumb))
  • 01PM - lunch (two veggie subs from Jimmy John’s)
  • 06PM - dinner (more BBQ sauce pasta & bread crumb)
  • 09PM - one hour walk listening to music (inside my house)

Hopefully will get to bed here before 1AM.

Working until 5pm local time, then head home to cook, go for a run and then [try] relax