Congrats on making it through the year

I feel accomplished about making it through the year 2013 and not giving up. I got delusional for about six months. Suffered a lot from that. Pretty much this whole year I’ve suffered from not having a life or having episodes. But I made it through the year! So congratulations on perservering and not giving up this year to everybody!


That’s a good way to look at it. Happy New Year to you and congratulations.

the first half of the year was hell, I was psychotic, refused meds (I was high functioning and thought they would sedate me too much to study) and was a raging alcoholic. The second half was miraculous- my docs and I figured out the perfect med regiment and I entered remission

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Thanks. 2013 was one hell of a year. I had some really bad delusions in May of 2013, whereby I actually went to the police station with my girlfriend at 2am about something I believed may happen in my mind from a voice! I shouldn’t have believed what I heard. But that month was hell.

Otherwise, it was a year in which a lot happened. It was a long year.

Yeah, this has been the longest year in my life, I think. Many comfortable, familiar things ended and change has never been high up on the list of things I wish to happen.
Just glad it’s over.

it’s been a tumultuous year. grieving for my husband, dealing with my children’s grief and anger at their dad dying, a little psychotic blip with erotomania, cutting someone out of my life and my daughter’s m.e… here’s hoping this year will b better for us.