What did you accomplish today?

Thought this would be a good way to move towards recovery…push yourself. Today I made breakfast, baked an apple cobbler, went out to buy new leggings, peeled potatoes to fry, made fried noodles, stir fry veggies, and am helping with the last load of laundry. A few months ago I could not do so much but my anxiety meds are working wonders…


Volunteered at boys and girls club, wemt for a km swim. Had a coffee with mum. Dealt with a work issue via email. Won an intenss mens league hockey playoff game.

Good day


Well done both of you! Today I walked my 11500 steps by lunchtime. After lunch for the first time I got an old mountain bike going and rode around the block for a couple of laps. Haven’t done that for years and pretty chuffed about it. I’m in a period of drinking less alcohol and exercising more! Every day you do something extra is a good day!


Nice buddy. Excersizing is friggin awesome. Im still overweight but having experienced being gwnuinely fat…i gotta say you just feel so much better when you arent carrying around a ton of extra weoght.

Good for you on your steps


Schoolwork. And phone calls. And I drove to the drugstore to pick up a couple of items. And then later more schoolwork and I went to 7-11.


Coming back from getting some dinner I spotted a USPS (US Mail) tote in the street- obviously fell out of one of their trucks, and saw it had several large bags (with tamper proof seals) of registered mail inside it, so I took it to our local Post Office.
They were closed, but I managed to get their attention by banging on a door inside, and a well dressed guy came out.
I told him I picked it up in the street and asked if he could return it to wherever it belongs.

He was stunned, and thanked me repeatedly.

It felt so good to do the right thing.


Spent way too much time on the forums! No, seriously, I ran the office for 4 hours (by myself), worked on disability application for my daughter (she’s 18 and mentally handicapped), and did dishes.


I recall you’re an older person and you have a stable job. Are you studying just to get a degree?

I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s condition, Val…
Did she sustain a brain injury? Or does she have a developmental disorder?

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Lol. “Older person.” Come. Let us massage his feet while he imparts the wisdom of our ancestors.


In my country there was recently a news story about an 81 year old “grandpa” (in the words of the journalists) who just took his degree as a computer analyst. He now works on his first book too.

“Older people” doesn’t equal “Expired people”. Wiser? Definitely. Slower? Perhaps. But they may still be young at heart :v:


tobacco & coffee & laying down…
life of a king…

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She has a genetic condition called Grey Matter Heterotopia (which incidentally has been linked to schizophrenia). It’s where there are spots of grey matter left in the white matter of the brain.

I understand… I assume it’s a rare illness for which treatment options are scarce…
Sending you good thoughts. May you and your daughter find a way to live merrily.

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Made breakfast, ate, washed dishes, washed hair, shaved, cleaned a closet, changed clothes. After lunch it’s time to take a nap.

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I was in a shower , and bought some inscense so i defeated bad karma

Nothing lol. feel like everything is a waste of time. Dragging and dragging every minute to see yet another :disappointed:

Oh ■■■■… a lot…

Switched my phone to verizon
Sorted through a bunch of stuff and made a trip to goodwill
Set up an appointment with the city to pick up some things I couldn’t donated/recycle
Talked to my mom for a minute(an hour or so)
Revised my budget (WIP)

I’ve been awake since 9pm yesterday because my work shifts start at 10pm… So throw a shift of work in there.

Panic station it was… I have to have a phone for work…

Last night I got my pay and it was 100$ less than expected (tax on credit cards tips… wowza)… found my last utility payment went to an old account (wowza)…

I thought I hadn’t paid my last bill… 150 swing in my budget… ain’t something I can glance at… distraught to say the least.

My father assures me that pouring over my money in my head for hours and hours on end is actually not a schizophrenic thing to due… so I might have some normie points in my stat sheet… who knew.


I gleefully jumped out of bed at 6am
without coffee or nicotine I worked out for an hour
made a beautiful breakfast with eggs and bacon and fresh fruit
woke up my boys to eat
cleaned the kitchen
took a shower, did hair and makeup
took all my meds on time…

oh wait! no… that was a dream. I woke up at 6am and have been sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes ever since lmao


What happened to your birthday resolution, @tera? :cry:
You could try nicotine gum or vaping… (I’m sure someone else has already mentioned those to you…)

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