What did the first voice in your head tell you to do?

When I first heard a loud voice in my head it commanded me to “impregnate Svetlana” and Svetlana is my stepmom who is 7 years older than me. Even though I thought that the voice came from no one other than God, I did not have sex with my stepmom. Later in my illness my voices stopped being commands and they just kinda started just having whispering conversations with me. What did your voice tell you to do if anything?

My first memory of voices told me to run…hide they were coming…and they did come and took over my body…I watched my self in third person running from room to room counting things…now they just whisper random ■■■■ to me…

first voice in my head I can remember told me to wash my face when I was a little boy. actually made me do it too. it claimed it was god. then my Dad told me to stop wasting water

not sure how old I was. something like 10

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Pack my bags…get ready to go out into the world and set things different and the lot of it. They all lied of course and aren’t real anyhow. But man do they get annoying and hard to deal with.

My first voices I couldn’t comprehend they were speaking gibberish . Nowadays they give me commands to kill myself

Hi you seem a bit off the wall I would like to start to talk to you as someome who is interacting with this site tried to talk to other people but they seem to be on this site occasionaly if you are awake could we talk?

Of course I welcome pm’s…I would be glad to conversate with you…is conversate a word? LolLol @curious1

The weird thing about my first voice was that I first heard it the night I read the bible before going to bed and in the bible I was reading a story about Abraham and his son Isaac. As I assume some of you know that story, for those who don’t basically it is about when God told Abraham to kill/sacrifice his son. Isn’t that scary to read something where God speaks to a man and then hear a voice in the head that commands you. Automatically I wrongfully assumed that God spoke to me.

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@thewhiteguard ,

I remember that I started to hear some type of voice when I had 8 years-old, they were like a neutral voice just saying name calling to another person, I did not notice if this was some type of disease because I did not know nothing about psychiatry or psychology, when I started to getting more older I started to develop some type of internal voice, that is like my own consciousness, like I talking to myself, but internally, but as far as I know this is something normal, and everybody has this type of mechanism.

The voice that I first heard when I was 22 yrs old was very loud and it commanded me to do something, it was not like an internal conscious voice

@thewhiteguard ,

I try to ignore my voices (auditory hallucinations, not my inner voice), because I don’t want to get worse.

I’m getting better over time, and I start to ignore them whatever they say, sometimes they start to speak so loud inside my head that I start to get a bit paranoid, but I sleep for some while and I get better or I start to do something, to focus on something to avoid hear these voices.

the first voice I heard was an external voice telling me they are coming, I didn’t know who but I hid anyway,

I was at my REU and I thought I was listening to a a woman getting raped by her friend when her boyfriend left the room. I don’t remember what the first command was though.

Same here. The voices were muttering when I first started hearing them, then they would tell me I should die and tell me how and tell me I’m worthless. Now they’re more quiet.

my first voices told me to go to London, live there and never go home. i was 8 years old.

they always tell me to go to London even now.

i also get lots of different ones, but the dominanat one tells me to kill my husband or kill myself or both xx

Those are scary voices when they tell you to kill, does the medication help get rid of those voices at all?

I’ve only ever had one command hallucination. It was a few years after I started hearing music. It just said, “Tell your story!” I spent years believing it was the voice of God, but now I suspect it was just the illness. Regardless, I have followed the advice and tell my life story to pretty much everyone I meet.

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First thing I really remember was Allstar (the voice in question) telling me to learn to ride a horse. I got my aunt to take me to a few lessons, but I never got too far into it. To be completely honest I think he was just telling me to do it because he liked horses and there was no deeper reason to it.

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Can you tell me your story? I haven’t heard it yet…

I first started having symptoms at 14 following sexual assault. Delusional thinking, auditory hallucinations, and paranoia. I managed to just kind of live with it for a while. My dad died when I was eighteen, leaving me to take care of my younger siblings and my mom. I worked three jobs and went to college full time while I was helping them.

When I graduated, I got an awesome job working in special education, and I managed that for about a year. Then I was sexually assaulted again and had a total psychotic break. I wandered the country as a homeless person for a while, never staying in one spot too long. Eventually, I decided there must actually be something wrong with me, so I went to the hospital, got some drugs, and turned back into a functional human being again. I got another job, but that ended when one of my students grabbed my head and bashed it into a brick wall repeatedly. Now I’m trying to fully recover from the brain damage, and I just got married too. It’s pretty awesome.

Well, I think that pretty much covers it!