What did the first voice in your head tell you to do?

How did you manage to work three jobs while studying in college? That to me sounds impossible. I worked a part time job while attending a university full time and it was really hard cause I studied my butt off in addition to the part time job that averaged 10 hours a week.Right now, being homeless for a little bit of time sounds like an interesting experience to me, maybe I’ll do it but I don’t want to lose a job that I currently have. And you even got married, that’s an accomplishment, congratulations. I’m 29 and I think that I will never find someone who would marry me cause of my illness and cause I still live with my mother in an apartment which she’s paying the rent for, and I guess I help her with the money I make from my part time job

I worked 3 jobs while going to full time college, gambled and won $600 net gain and sold all my ■■■■ i ever owned on ebay one year, and sold drugs too

then again i had to support my 24/7 weed habits :smile:

It was pure survival, to be honest. If I didn’t work three jobs, my family would be homeless. I had a full scholarship to college, and I didn’t want to lose it. I did what I had to do to survive.

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They weren’t command hallucinations at first. They got progressively more aggressive.

@thewhiteguard not really, my meds make me feel drunk or sleepy and then when they start wearing off i get angry and my head is fuzzy and i start hearing the voices again.

i have explained to the nurses but ive got to see my doctor in a cple weeks i think ill ask him about the meds xx

The only command hallucination I ever got was to commit suicide. But it wasn’t my first voice.

you should increase your dose of medication if you can’t get rid of positive symptoms such as voices/hallucinations that’s what the doctor would recommend. or maybe you don’t want to take meds and want to live with voices?

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Hi can we have a chat maybe i can help you

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I don’t need any help right now, thank you for offering, tho.

Are you cured, i wish this forum had a chatroom

There is no such thing as a cure for schizophrenia. I’m asymptomatic though.

Hmm? I don’t have auditory hallucinations. I only have an inner voice and inserted thoughts. My first major experience with inserted thoughts was when I suddenly, out of nowhere, ‘knew’ I was in a Truman-show style brain study and had been for years. The study was coming to an end. Therefore, I would get to collect my paycheck and go home to my awaiting Palace. ‘They’ made me go dancing through thru the streets (for hours) to celebrate. I was not in control of myself. I remember being tired and wanting to stop but ‘they’ made me keep dancing. That’s just a taste of that first episode that landed me in the hospital. Originally, the docs thought that must have been mania (Bipolar) until they later realized I wasn’t manic, I was delusional. Since then, ‘they’ (the brain researchers in my delusion) have taken over a few times. Once in a suicide attempt (my second hospitalization). The first thing they actually ‘said’ to me (in my head) was when they made me go running through an apartment complex and I distinctly received the message “You’re done here” meaning no more apartments because the study is over and I get my money (millions). I haven’t heard from them in awhile nor have they made me do anything. I still have paranoia that they will hurt me or have me hurt but it’s not hospital worthy. If they start talking to me again, I am upping my meds (via my pdoc, of course).

nah i dont wanna live with voices ooo noooo thanks xxxx

mine said “do that” as if they knew my thoughts

Run my car into something. Drove that ■■■■ 55 mph into a tree right next to my house. Thankfully i made it without much injury but sadly i made it in the first place

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Mine told me I was God then gave me a choice to live in some sort of high society as a devil which I chose and ended up going down hill from there. Never did make it to that high society, lol.

I don’t hear external voices much, but one very clear external voice was “warning, external environment”.

Mine told me I was special and he was here to protect me, that’s pretty much the nicest he was until the woman came and then they gradually grew and got more frightening and more aggressive. They’ve never been good company but they still intimidate and scare the hell out of me. The kindest they are is when they are narrating me.

This happen a long time ago when i was but child, i on playground and it tell me “you know, schizophrenics smell things that aren’t there.” But i just a child and i don’t know what this mean.

When i become older, on my third cycle of six years actually, my voice then tell me that my brother “graduated from the school of death.” He learn the dark ways and ideas throughout the years as he grow is what they saying about him.

They tell me this thing when i see his diploma and look at it.

My first encounter with voices was the devil screaming my name behind me. I was 15. Omw to school. Then he did not leave me alone. He told me he was going to kill me. I started drinking heavily to get rid of him.