What cheap filling meals to get at grocery store

I’m hoping to keep my food bill for the month at 300$ is this possible? What can I get for meals at the grocery store that’s cheap and healthy


I shop at Aldi now, and I saved about 40% off my shopping bill just by going there.


You can eat healthy and cheap if you do big cookups and freeze stuff. Rice, pasta and proteins is the go. Enough protein to help you feel full. If you don’t mind eating the same thing two days in a row then cook for more. Eat for one. Freeze the rest for variety if possible.

Just adjust the portion size to suit. It’s easy if your organised.


I used to live on a budget. I got these things called Steak-umz, they are thin sheets of frozen meat that you make steak and cheese sandwiches with.

Another cheap option is anything in a Chef Boyardee can, or Cup-o-Noodles.

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My advice is to look up recipes of your favorite meals and budget accordingly to the ingredients.

Some staples that are always good to have are beef, cheese, milk, eggs, and bread.

Buy everything generic. Depending on where you live generic hamburger helper is only around two big ones. Some brands don’t require milk for it, just fry up some beef and add the water and noodles.

Tuna helper is also a great meal, and typically cheap for a few boxes.

Meatloaf is super easy to make. All you need is about two pounds of ground beef, stuffing of any flavor, a couple eggs, and ketchup.

Pasta and meat sauce is always a delicious meal. It goes great with any type of noodles and you can used canned generic pasta sauce. You can even skip the meat for a healthier but filling alternative.

Idk if y’all will believe me, but I typically only spend about 200 dollars a month on food but I eat like a king.

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I’ve heard quite a lot about batch cooking, and how much more economical it can be. My problem with it is the ‘organised’ part.

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Those are good sources of good, cheap protein. I get most of my food out of the freezer at the Dollar Tree. I know processed meat is supposed to be bad for you, but you can get good sandwiches with plenty of protein and not that much fat for a dollar a sandwich at the Dollar Tree. You can also buy frozen and canned veggies there. You can buy a McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s for a dollar. I like them. If you’re really down on your budget a good bag of potatoes is a good bet. You can get quite of bit of food for not much money when you buy potatoes. The only problem with potatoes is that you have to store them. Rice and beans is always an option if you want to really lower your food budget. Cook up some rice and beans along with some eggs, and you have a good filling meal.


potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, bell pepper, pinto beans, brown rice, gravy mix, ground turkey, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes petite cut, salsa, taco shells, spaghetti, marinara sauce,

and you can make

spanish rice

you just have to get used to the turkey meat and then you’ll start liking it better than beef.


Brown rice, beans, whole wheat pasta, lentils, low fat cottage cheese, lean chicken breasts.
Turkey slices, Ezekiel bread.

This is the bulk of what I eat and yes it’s a bit more costly but it is very healthy.

You can find good deals in the market.


When I didn’t have money for food, I bought popcorn. Filling and cheap. I was making eggs and toast a lot. Oatmeal is cheap. Tomato soup and crackers is pretty cheap, so is grilled cheese sandwiches.


I love turkey meat

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we eat eggaritos every morning almost…cheap but we do them fancy…cheddar cheese , scrambled eggs, jalapenos and fried tortillas…good for dinner too…


Eggs are really one of the best and many uses. Beans and rice too.

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Oh that’s awesome, you’ll be healthier and save a bunch. The Grocery Outlet has really good deals on tasty ground turkey. You should definitely shop there if you have one.


best and cheapest meal is canned tuna fish and vegetable juice and frozen vegetable. also wheat bread, youll full and healthy with that save alot money thats what i eat in daily.

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eggs, vanilla soymilk, bread, cheese, and butter

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Buy in bulk. When your favorite foods go on sale or staples go on sale then buy a bunch of them. I make dishes from recipes on the internet. I find that a lot of recipes I like that are cheap call for chicken broth or diced tomatoes or tomato sauce. So if those go on sale I’ll buy 6 or 7 cans of them and store them.

Look on the web for cheap meals and recipes you want to try and if they’re cheap, easy to make and you like them then either print them out or write them down for the future.

People pretty much covered the staples you can buy. You can buy some dried peas or beans or pasta and cook then into soup and eat off them for a week.

One way to save money is buy store brands at the grocery store. If you go to a big grocery store a lot of times they will have their own brand of stuff like peanut butter, tuna, chili, butter, cottage cheese, etc. The store brand is cheaper and usually tastes just as good as the big name brands.
A lot of times when you buy name brands you are just paying for the label.

And you can freeze meat and fruit and vegatables. If you see a good sale on beef or chicken or fish than buy it in bulk and freeze it in portions in a freezer bag. Freezer bags aren’t that expensive and you can keep meat in your freezer for a couple months.

Same with vegatables and fruit. You can freeze strawberries for a couple months too. Or bananas or peas or others. You can easily search the web and find out what vegatables and fruit are freezable and if they go on sale than buy a bunch and portion them in freezer bags. Nuts are freezable too. I don’t have a joke here, I’m just saying you can freeze walnuts or cashews or peanuts and take them out for the next two months at your leisure.

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Ramen noodles with tofu. Cheap protein and cheap carbs.


I had that today with lots of hot sauce.


I just thought of food you could pick up. It’s jiffy cornbread. idk if they have it where you are. Oatmeal in bags or canisters.

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