What causes a mood

What causes a mood…?

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since my sz experience i think everything is caused by god even the reply im making. so yeah its god who ultimatively is responsible for your mood

my bi-polar had me crying today

sometimes i think of the suffering i went through in the past which brings a tear to my eye

Me to man im in a situation that I would rather not be in and I watched some YouTube about my hometown which I can never go back to and I was just feeling so bad that I was crying.

@petester sometimes its soothing to cry, built up emotions are released, every single person has cryed b4

Imagine that a grown man 40 yrs dead crying like a bitch just because im homesick…such is life

I came across a man
Sitting naked, bestial, in a desert
In his hands he held his heart
And he ate of it,
I said, “Friend, is that good?”
He said, “Ah, it is bitter, bitter,
But I like it,
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart.”

  • Stephen Crane -



Sorry you cried petester. It’s normal, I almost cried at the end of a movie the other day.

What movie? Mutha f**kin 15

Looks good hope you enjoyed it.

If Pedro cries then it’s ok to cry. Pedro is tough.

I’m gonna go cry now.

Sz is too hard.

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thanks mate :trolleybus:

It’s a true story. You should rent it at redbox.

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Ill do that mayn thanks for the recommendation.

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Most of the time, that’d be it. @Erratica is right about the other stuff, too. But we can;t do much about that stuff other than get conscious of it and steer around it if we can. We can do a lot about the “stinking thinking,” however. See…

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

Or just get Wayne Dyer’s best seller from years ago, Your Erroneous Zones.