What caused your psychotic episode?

…what was them ingredients?

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Amphetamines and lack of sleep.

have u now a sza diagnosis?

First one was caused by weed. I never tried other drugs, not interested.

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No, autism and PTSD.

But my doctor says I am at risk.

I think it was just low self confidence ultimately, everything else was just a domino effect

weed is a dangerious drug big time…4 us

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Interstingly my first psychosis was caused by oversleeping. What happened was it was winter and in Norway it is dark most of the day at that time, and my watch had stopped or moved slower than it’s supposed to. So somehow I wasn’t able to understand what time it was and I probably was in bed for more than 48 hours in a stretch. I got up and felt strange and so it began…

My first break from reality was caused by a powerful hallucinogenic drug and from the stress of being in college.


hope you get through mate, and don’t get a sz or sza diagnosis

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can b many ingredients to it

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they say we are born with a weak part of d brain, then with other problems thorughout life, bang! psychosis

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similar to mine wave, i wonder if i never dabbed in drugs would i be ok 2day…big delima

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I got social phobia…and that’s what caused my to get psychotic.


I wonder the same thing @san_pedro


My psychosis started with panic attacks and voices, and also my mom’s religious beliefs about demons which caused delusions in me. Stress with school exams caused my breakdown after senior year ended.

Nowadays my psychosis is triggered mainly by stress and arguments and watching the news or violent movies.

I think it was things in a past existance, sort of predetermination.

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1 year after a severe head injury. Almost exactly 1 year.

Grandmothers passing and then couple months later a realisation that social circles had a few odd characters. Then grandfathers passing. And that’s when I lost it

Ptsd + medication + hormones.